Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fiber & Art

My friend Kaye is a member of the Utah Surface Design Group. They recently had an exhibit hung at an art gallery in SLC that I was able to attend. Some of the items were quite interesting, and some of them made me scratch my head  I'll start with my favorites - the wooly ones.

This piece was needle felted roving onto a black background - the colors were bright and vibrant to look at - I snapped a couple close-ups too.....

These felted bowls were so soft and pliable -  they were knitted and felted, then embellished with needle felted polka dots and other shapes.

These little heads were a hoot - such funny expressions on their faces...... each was about the size of a softball.

This piece was tiny - probably 2" x 3" in a gilded frame to lend it an air of importance.

Painted and embellished shoes.

A piece of handwoven fabric that was manipulated and augmented with pieces of cut & painted wood.

Vintage white gloves - stuffed and climbing a pole......

And a dress - of sorts - displayed on a dress form - visitors were asked to add strips of fabric after writing a message on them.

Strips & bits of fabric that were dyed and coiled.

A very interesting visit.


Nedra said...

Very interesting. I love seeing an artist's point of view.

Marilyn said...

Maybe we could start storing our worms like the last photo you shared. What interesting and fun art. I had never heard of that group.
Thanks for posting.

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Wowza! I think that needle felting is such an innovative art. You can do so much with it. Knit, then felt; sculpt; create's versatile and seems fairly easy to get into. I love seeing what new things are emerging, even if I like older fashioned stuff myself.

Doris said...

I loved the needle felted ball faces. Such innovative creations. Thanks for sharing.

Cathy G. said...

It's so interesting seeing the creative minds of people and what they are doing with fibers and color of all sorts! Thanks for posting this Gayle! I especially like those felted bowls! Very neat!
Cathy G