Friday, April 18, 2014

Baby Quilt Lookin' Good

I've had so much fun making this little baby quilt for DD#2. Totally out of my normal sphere of color & design, but it made me stretch a bit and think out of my box.  It's a row quilt and I have all the rows completed - they just aren't sewn to each other yet. The finished size will be 35" x 48" or so. I won't add a border - just a binding in a color still to be determined.

I love the little bits of metallic that I included in the quilt - she's got touches of it throughout the nursery so I wanted to have some in the quilt too. And I added some rick rack for color & texture.

Wasn't sure of what fabric to use for the metallic, so I ended up buying a bit of gold lame and then ironed on some fusible interfacing to the back of it. I stitched up a little sample block and quilted it - then threw it in the wash a few times and it seems to be holding up just fine in spite of the fact that the fabric bolt said to dry clean it only.

We found that the best way for choosing the various colors was to pull paint chips from the hardware store - I carried them with me from quilt shop to quilt shop searching for the best match - worked great!

She found the inspiration for the quilt on Pinterest (of course),  a rug that is no longer available (photo below) - worked great for a quilt too, don't you think?

 I can't wait till the entire room is put together and I can give you a tour. Two months till her due date so we're both making good progress.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Home Again

Got home awhile ago from a one week outing. Spent a couple days in a hotel room while hubby was in meetings, but I took my Featherweight with me and got this little scrappy quilt made while I was there - a good use of my time, don't you think? It hasn't been pressed or blocked so it will look better after I do that & get it quilted.

Then some of the kids and their families joined us for a few days and we did fun stuff like hike in this kind of country - we also played in some sand dunes and explored a lava cave.

This is the new rug I'm working on - I had to start a small portable project because my family rug was getting too big and bulky to transport to gatherings.

My family rug just needs a little more of the border finished and then I can tackle the center part again and hopefully get it all finished.

Here are some show & tell photos from my recent group meetings.

Tonya is making this rug for her grandson - a warrior wearing the Armor of God with a scripture around the border.

Kathy is a brand new hooker and this is her first project - she drew it herself - I think she's a natural!

Jean is her friend who is doing a great job on a hooked penny rug. These gals are a great addition to our group and I look forward to getting to know them better - they both live quite near me.

Nancy got her Maggie B rug finished - fun to see it done so vibrantly instead of the drab colors that Maggie uses. The design looks good every which way it gets hooked.

Janet shared a couple quilts she recently made. This small green one looks great with the spiral machine quilting that she did in each block.

Her & her sister both made quilts exactly like this one - very graphic and modern looking.

Jayna showed us a pretty bowl that she recently bought - - -

- - - she works for the school district and during Spring Break took a trip to Venice Beach CA with a couple friends. Her favorite part of the trip was touring the Mosaic Tile House where she bought her bowl. She shared a slide show with us of this house which was amazing. The artist was delightful and friendly. Guess the house has been featured on several HGTV programs, in books and magazines - it's very unique - you can tour it yourself if you click here

I got a couple rows done on the baby quilt for DD#2 - I'm having fun with it!

OK - I'm all caught up now!