Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fun Stuff!

I promised a picture of my Now & Later quilt after I got it all washed up, so here you go. I love the way the cotton batting really puckered up the surface of the quilt - makes it very cozy to snuggle under and gives it great texture.

I'm so lucky to five grandchildren - four boys and one girl. I have lots of toys for them to play with when they come to my house, but most of them are cars & trains & blocks & Legos & puzzles. I decided it was time for them to have a dolly too, and of course she needed a bed to sleep on and of COURSE she needed a quilt to sleep under! Last weekend I stitched up this little doll quilt and it was so much fun to pull fabrics from my stash and make the whole thing in one day. The blocks measure 1-1/2" and the entire thing finished is 12" x 13". My only mistake was putting batting in it - should have used a thin layer of flannel cuz it's hard to wrap the baby up in the quilt - it keeps popping open cuz it's kinda stiff. Oh well.

I hope some of the boys will enjoy playing with this too! They have to learn how to be good daddies some day, right?

It's been two weeks since I met with my First Tuesday group so I have a few pictures of the projects they were working on that day. Kim finished her Garden Lady and it's awesome!

Tonia hooked this sweet angel rug and had just barely started a new one that day.

Sharon was whipping the edge of this subdued floral - she took the design from the line drawing in a prayer book that is 100+ years old - wonderful! (sorry for the crummy picture Sharon)

This is her peacock rug - I love the flowers hanging down from the top edge - and the background is a great rosy beige color.

She uses this rug on the floor and to keep it from slipping, she tacked some of this rubber gripper stuff here and there so it's firmly attached, but not permanent. Brilliant idea! I guess Sandy did the same thing with some chair pads she made recently for her new dining room table. I have the smartest friends ever!

Last week I met with the Salt Lake group. Myra is just beginning a new rug and her sky is looking fantastic already - so realistic with many shades of blue!

Nancy had been working on a wool applique kit that her sister gave her - so fun to see that it was designed by my friend Leisa of Black Sheep Woolens.

I love the purple mountain in Nancy's landscape - once she gets that sky hooked it'll be finished!

For Susan's very first hooked rug, she was inspired by a piece of floral fabric she used to decorate her home with - I'm thinking she's a natural!

The other Nancy was working on a little chicken rug - those chicks look washed out in my photo, but they're a soft yellow color in real life. The long legs give this one a whimsical look.

Yesterday I went to the annual quilt show in Springville and these were my three favorite quilts - all on the small size. The first one was inspired by the design on a Kleenex box!

This one is a classic Trip Around the World.

And I loved the applique added to this Courthouse Steps quilt.