Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's Been Awhile!

Sorry I've been MIA - just busy with life - you know how it gets sometimes, right? Anyway, I took pictures earlier this month when our rug group met - there was some great show & tell! Sandy showed us her finished rug which is a design by Vintage Heart Primitives - and it was just stunning!

She used some specialty yarn to hook the lady's hair - - -

- - - and finished the edge with a fancy herringbone stitch using yarn - wow! I love the fleur-de-lis that is hooked in each corner of the rug - one of my favorite motifs.

I grabbed a photo of Kim's rug that is nearing completion. She asked her son to draw this rug pattern for her - so it's a one-of-a-kind - and it features her home and other nearby landmarks that are important and special to her - especially Ben Lomond Peak which stands above her house.

Sharon was working on a small star rug - about the right size for a chair pad. Makes me think of a sheriff's badge! LOL

Leisa invited us to hook in her studio for the first time and we all brought goodies to have a nice lunch while we were there. A lot of the gals had never been there before and they couldn't get over all the goodies that she has!  Leisa left just a couple days later and is in on vacation in Italy. Her husband went to ride his bike in the Italian Alps and it's been fun seeing her posts on Instagram.

Jeanette finished up this fun sunflower on a bed spring - a kit that we all received at a Guild meeting a year or two ago - please notice the red floor in the background - it's painted plywood - awesome!

My little quilt group met at my house a couple days after this, and I had prepared a small project for each gal to make. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of them all before they left so these two are mine. I sharpened bamboo skewers and we added polymer clay handles to them - they make a great stiletto to use when sewing - they hold seam allowances in place so your fingers don't get stitched by mistake. The colors are way too bright for my taste - I'd like to make another one or two and see if I'm happier with them....

When we returned home from Seattle I found this rusty flower in my yard - my son had welded it for me and left it as a surprise and I love it - it's rather dangerous looking so we've placed it in an out-of-the-way spot cuz we don't want any of the grandchildren to get hurt by it.  A couple of the kids really like balls so this might be a challenge - LOL!

And finally, a couple more really good books that I can recommend. I liked this one a lot:

And this one had me nearly sobbing at the end - luckily I was home alone and had no need to hide my tears from anyone - whew! I love books that make me cry - and Hallmark commercials can do it too! (smile)

The weather has turned really hot here after a long, cool, wet spring - whew - I'm not a fan!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Home Again

I've been home for a week now - really enjoyed our time in Seattle. The two things we enjoyed the most were Chihuly Garden & Glass - absolutely incredible.

And the rain forest on the Olympic Peninsula - everything is lush and green - so different from Utah.

I did a little applique work while traveling - I did these nine circles to finish a small Tara Lyn Darr project - - -

- - - and worked on a few of these baskets I started over five years ago. I have about 65 of them now in all sorts of scrappy colors, and think I might have figured out how I want to sew them all together. They've been to Portugal, Boston, Missouri and probably more places that I've forgotten about.

Just finished reading this book and really enjoyed it. I didn't feel like I was reading a story, but was just visiting with friends.