Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Rug Is Finished!

I can't believe how quickly I hooked this rug! It took me eleven days from start to finish. And it's a pretty good size - 30" x 36". Hooked all in a 8.5 cut on Monks cloth. The wools I used are all textured - with a couple subtle plaids thrown in too. Some are as-is, and some are hand-dyed.

I got the idea for my rug after seeing pictures that Amy shared from the Lenexa Hook-In a couple weeks ago - this is the one that inspired it - because of the shape - although it really looks nothing like it now. Funny where our ideas come from, huh?


rachel said...

It's beautiful!

Courtney said...

I'm so psyched to see the finished rug! What a great idea. I love the big chunks of color...and then a hit or miss around the edge...perfect!!
What's the next project?

Kim said...

Beautiful rug. The colors are so striking and the border is a perfect solution to the ever growing worm basket. Have you got a spot picked out for it yet?

Amy McPheeters said...

It turned out great! It is so happy-looking! And all in eleven days... wow. I love hit or miss. I made a large hit or miss rug several years ago for my foyer. I'll post a pic of it this Saturday.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Gayle ~
Eleven days! That is impressive. I'd be lucky to get it done in eleven weeks! Very cool looking rug.
What's next on the frame?
Hugs :)

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Gayle - I love the new rug.

I often find that simpler is better and this is very yummy.

Terri said...

You do some beautiful hooking. I love the original pattern. Hugs,Terri

leLoops said...

love your rugs!

Angie Berry said...

That's a neat design Gayle! The colors are beautiful, it is a very pretty rug!