Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Spy.....With My Little Eye

Years, and years, and years ago - I participated in an internet fabric swap so I could accumulate a large variety of novelty prints appropriate for making an I Spy quilt. Now that I'm a grandma, I decided it was time to get started on this fun project. I received 4" squares in the swap, and yesterday I started cutting them into hexagons using my acrylic template - centering the motif of each piece. I chose a cheerful yellow fabric to use for the setting triangles. Today I got the first bit of sewing done and it's been so fun to see all the different pictures! It's really quite amazing how many different things there are. Everything from flowers, bugs, animals and people to cars, space ships, trains and holidays. FUN! I plan on making it lap sized and I'll keep here at my house so that when the grandkids come for a visit we can pull it out, lay it down on the floor and see what we can find.

Today was the semi-annual surplus book sale at my local library, so I stopped by first thing and stocked up on books on tape - I like to listen to them while I'm hooking and sewing. The price for these is 25 cents each, so I got ALL of these for a mere $5.50! That's pretty cheap entertainment! It'll take me months to get through all of them! I just hope I like them all - it was really, really crowded and I didn't read the synopsis of every single one that I purchased.


Unknown said...

I never thought about the library having books on tape.
I listen to these in the car while I drive for work.
Guess I need to check in and see what my local library has.

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I can't wait to see the quilt come together! I keep I Spy books in the classroom and my fifth graders will still sit for a long time finding the pictures! Nice haul on the books.

Raymond Homestead said...

Sounds like a fun quilt!

Cheryl said...

I have a collection of fabrics for an I SPY quilt, but was going to wait until I was actually a grandma. I like your idea of having it at your home for when the children come to visit! So maybe I don't have to wait.

Lori said...

The eye spy quilt will be so much fun to make and have at the house.I always thought they were so cute.

Nedra said...

I love listening to books on tape while quilting. It looks like you got a great selection for a wonderful price.
The eye spy will be perfect for your little one.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Gayle ~
I'm sure your eye spy quilt will be great fun!
Hugs :)

Cathy G. said...

Gayle! Love the idea of an I Spy quilt! I learn so many great things from your blog! I see you will be busy piecing and listening! Hope you got some good ones in your buys from the library!
Cathy G

Irishgirlsews~Wendy said...

Your I Spy quilt is going to be perfect! Kids of all ages, Love those quilts.

Karen said...

I see one of the books on tape is david balducci. If you have not read or listened to his work..well he is quite the writer. I recommended him to a couple of friends and they are now hooked. Happy listening...K