Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Quilty Stuff & Books

I recently tried Bonnie Sullivan's technique of sewing Leaders & Enders to make a quilt. I got all the blocks made, but wasn't really thrilled with the process so doubt I'll do it that way again. But here's my start at assembling the quilt top.

It's a really simple quilt made from a free pattern designed by Kathie Holland that I received from American Patchwork & Quilting magazine several years ago. This will be about 60"x 80" when it's t's finished - just right to snuggle under while watching TV - not that snuggling under a quilt sounds good right now in the 100* heat we've been having. UGH!

Most of you who are quilters have heard of Jenny Doan and the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I was fortunate to attend one of her trunk shows in May when she was in SLC for the Home Machine Quilting Show and I discovered that she's an adorable, down home, sweet lady. Today I stumbled upon this TV segment filmed by a BYU production company that shows a behind-the-scenes look at her business & family & operation. I thought it was SO informative - and actually very touching in parts. Perhaps some of you have a few minutes to watch it too! Enjoy! I tried to embed the video here, but can't get it to work, so you'll have to copy and paste the link below.

A couple years ago I discovered the author Louise Penny and the series of novels she has written about a small town in Canada called Three Pines. The characters are delightful & it's been amazing how many murders have been committed in this place! LOL I love to listen to the stories on audio while I'm sewing or hooking - the narrator has a wonderful voice that adds a lot to the experience. I haven't read them all in order, but that would probably be best if you're just starting. This is the most recent one I've finished - we also 'read' one on our vacation - a wonderful pastime while spending hours driving in a truck.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I'm back! I've been SO busy the past few weeks - first with out of state company - then a vacation - then a holiday weekend - and then childcare. It's probably been close to a month since I even held a hook in my hand, so today when I attended my monthly rug hooking meeting in SLC I was very happy.  Nancy's home was dressed for the holiday with this flag rug on her coffee table - perfect to display at this time of year.

Since I always forget to share my own project, I'll begin with it this time. I am hooking a geometric design from Barb Carroll's book called Hannah's Star. It's usually made as a runner, but I reduced the block size a bit and set them 2x3. I hooked the block in the lower right corner today, and when I pulled it off the frame realized that I had made a mistake, so I'll have to pull out that first ring of orange wool and replace it with a teal like I used in all the others. Other than that, I was happy with my progress. Each block will have similar colors in it, but the wools I use in each one will be totally different pieces.

Myra is making some 6" wool applique blocks that will be pockets for a cute basket - and each one reflects her own interests in watercolor painting, gardening, beehives, sewing and nature. She'll also be doing a sheep and one other square.

Yvonne was also doing some wool applique in anticipation of cooler fall weather that will soon be here (hopefully!)

We meet at Nancy's house and she has been working on a landscape rug loosely based on an original painting her daughter owns. I love the wonky little houses.

The other Nancy who meets with us showed us her recently finished rug. She did a great job whipping the edges on this one. I love the beading around the edge.

A couple years ago she visited Heather Richie in Reeth England and made these two small mats - about 6" square. The landscape represents the scene she saw outside the window of Heather's home.

Our newest member, Susan, had done some shopping at a local quilt store and is well on her way to accumulating a stash. She recently traveled to Pendleton Oregon and was able to stop in the factory outlet there for some shopping therapy too!

While on vacation we rented kayaks for a day and spent a lot of time on the water at Swan Lake in Montana - pretty close to heaven on earth!

I think tomorrow I will be able to spend more time working on my rug and listening to a book that has been waiting for me. Sounds perfect!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Back to Back!

This is one of those times when my two monthly rug groups met on consecutive days, so I got a BIG dose of rug hooking eye candy last week! Love it when that happens!

Marliss is SO close to finishing this colorful rug that she started in a class with Sharon Smith. I love how freeform and organic it looks!

 Kim's son drew this design for her of a woman with a watering can and she started it in a recent class with Anne Marie Littenberg. It's wonderful and she's making great progress!

Sharon is done with the hooking on this piece and was finishing the edges to make it into a pillow. The colors she used make it look instantly old, and since she lives in a 100+ year old house, it is right at home in it's surroundings!

Yvonne finished a runner that is a design from a Pat Cross book. It has a lot of energy and movement.

Fun to see it side-by-side with Nancy's version of the same rug that she hooked a few years ago.

Yvonne was stitching down the binding on this darling baby quilt for her second great grandchild who will arrive very soon. I don't usually get excited about quilts made from panels, but she did a great job of combining the printed border with some pieced log cabin blocks in the center.

Here's a picture of a recent finish that Nancy made for her telephone table. The other end is a mirror image of this side and I like how it hangs over the edge so you can really see the design.

Last month I didn't have my camera with me, but now I can share this photo of a Maggie B. rug she hooked with a vibrant pink background - SO much different than Maggie's color choice. Very fun!

She's currently working on a quirky rug inspired by an original painting that her daughter owns. Not quite her normal style so I'm looking forward to seeing it as it progresses.

Myra finished stitching these twelve beautiful wool applique quilt blocks. Her work is incredible and the colors just pop on the black background.

She also showed us this adorable tiny button that she made with fancy embroidery stitches. It will be attached to a retractable lanyard and be used to hold scissors. The design is from a local gal named Kerry Green who blogs HERE. Her style is very reminiscent of Sue Spargo to me.

I began a new rug and I'm hooking it in a 8.5 cut which seems to be my new favorite size of strip. Sure does hook up fast! This is Hannah's Star by Barb Carroll. I think each square will have the same colors in them, but I will use different wools to mix them up a little.

I received the new book from Rug Hooking Magazine about story rugs and it was SO fun to see a local friend's rugs included in it! My husband did the photography on these and they look great. She has been asked to enter them in the big rug show at Sauder Village this summer. So excited for her!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Summertime & Americana

I got a few quilts and rugs displayed last weekend for Memorial Day and will leave them out for most of the summer. First of all, I finished my red white & blue reproduction of an antique rug I saw on Pinterest awhile ago. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out, except for the way it seems to bow out on the sides. Not sure why that happened since 97% of it is straight-line hooking! Oh well. It measures 24" x 40" and is hooked in an 8.5 cut.

I hooked this several years ago from a pattern that was designed for wool applique. It was in a Create & Decorate magazine and I still like it!

I pulled all my small Americana quilts to display just inside my front door. This is the newest one I made a couple weeks ago.

And this was made the week before that....lots of 9-patches going on, eh? I'm not in love with this one because it seems blurry to me - must be the prints that I used - and maybe the 9-patches should have had the light colored fabrics in the corners? Oh well.

I have them attached to the lattice railing with clothespins.

And this one is clipped on a magnetic towel rack on my metal front door. True, it covers the peep hole that's there, but I can live with that. LOL!

I have visitors coming from California next week which I'm looking forward to! Yay for family!

Friday, May 27, 2016

A Little Out of the Ordinary!

I've worked on a couple projects lately that are a little different from what I usually do. First of all was a couch update. DD#1 was given this old couch by a friend and the cushions were SO dated - the fabric was literally falling apart - crunchy and gross - I would guess 40+ years old.

So she ordered some new fabric that would give the couch a fresh look and I stitched up new covers for her. I was able to recycle the zippers from the old covers, and the foam cushions were still in good condition too so we were able to use them. Her throw pillows add a lot of color to the couch and her family has a comfy new place to sit!

THEN, my son asked me to help HIM with a project. He is passionate about his vehicles. He recently rebuilt the engine on a Ford Explorer that he bought for a song. Then he made a new bumper for it from scratch - the metal cutting and shaping - the welding - the winch installation - and the painting. He added a light bar above the winch and worried about it getting damaged from road debris.

So we used some vinyl fabric and made a cover for the light bar that fit like a glove when it was snapped together underneath. Whew! Quite a team effort!

Earlier this week I learned that I had won a giveaway on Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson's blog. My prize arrived in the mail today and I'm SO thrilled with it! A stack of 40 fat quarters  from their newest fabric line - can you imagine? That's 10 yards people! SO generous! I have no idea what I will make with it but I'm just going to pet it for awhile until I think of something! LOL

Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Back in Business!

I was unable to find my missing camera - figured as soon as I got a new one it would show up - isn't that how it usually works? Well, I ordered one from Amazon and it arrived yesterday, but still no sign of the old one so maybe it's gone for good. (sigh) Anyway, it feels good to know I can share my projects with my blogging friends again.

Took me four days from start to finish to make this Double Wedding Ring quilt using a Mini Quick Curve Ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful. It's far from perfect and was a very labor intensive project but I'm happy with the finish.  The gals who design these rulers are definitely in the Modern Quilt camp of quilting, but I think with the colors and fabrics I chose it ended up being very traditional looking.

The pattern showed 12 blocks but I pared it down to only nine. Shrunk quite a bit when I washed it since it measured 33" square before and 30" square after. I plan to make a much larger version of this to fit my queen size bed eventually and it will look very similar.

Amazingly, I even added a label to it!

I've also spent quite a bit of time hooking a new Americana rug and it's coming along nicely.

I had originally intended to finish it by Memorial Day, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen now.

I saw this antique rug on Pinterest and that was the inspiration for making my version which is the same, but different!

I think my favorite part of this is the blue background behind the stars and believe it or not that is a single piece of plaid fabric that used to be a Pendleton shirt from the thrift store!

I've also been doing a bit of upholstery-type sewing which I hope to have before & after pictures of soon.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with a long-distance blogging friend Yvonne, from Holland. She arrived in Utah with six friends to attend International Quilt Market and made time to visit with Clydene & I at Clydene's house. Such a nice group of gals - I know they're going to enjoy their visit here. Yvonne has visited here many, many times and has a huge circle of friends in the States. I love reading her blog entries to see my part of the world through her eyes. Her first entry for this trip is published here and I'm sure there will be many more over the next few days until they leave for home from Las Vegas. After you see pictures of Clydene's home here you will understand why they wanted a tour!  Shockingly, I didn't take a single picture of us so this drawing will have to represent the occasion - I felt so bad!!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

I haven't been able to find my camera for over a week now, and a blog isn't worth looking at without any pictures to see, so until I find it or buy a new one I'll be missing in action. Sorry 'bout that!