Saturday, October 3, 2015


My little quilt group met at Kathy's house on Wednesday night last week. I am always amazed to see what she does to decorate for Halloween. A few months ago I showed pictures of some furniture she had made for a haunted house she was making out of a regular dollhouse. Well, it's mostly finished now and it's pretty spectacular. Here's the front of the house - it's placed on a lazysusan so you can spin it around to admire it from every angle.

This is the living room furnished with two wing back chairs - the round area rug I made for her using needle punch measures 3" across to give you and idea of scale. Notice the crooked witch's brooms hanging by the front door with spiders on the windows.

And a view of the other side of the living room with the cupboard made of foam core board -

This hutch is full of potions and lotions and high heeled shoes.

The bed set into the dormer window isn't very visible in this photo, but it was so cute! The witch's hat is displayed on the dresser waiting to be donned by it's owner.

This little shelf has tiny black houses displayed on it.

The rest of these photos are of her REAL house. She is a doll maker extraordinaire and she made this Frankenstein (along with many Santas, elves, leprechauns, Uncle Sams, & religious figures)

She has entire sets of dishes depicting the holiday and she uses them for dinner parties.

Another decorated area.

I don't know where she finds the time and energy to do all this - I get tired just thinking about it! But her children and grandchildren think it's great - she's still a kid at heart I think!

Monday, September 28, 2015

New Aquisition & A Gift

Last week I stopped by a local antique store on a whim - not very hopeful that I'd find anything that called out to me. But SURPRISE~! That's exactly what happened! I have wanted a vintage wooden shoe rack for years and years but all the ones I've seen were too big and too expensive. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this item near the end of my loop through the store. It was just the right size and just the right price. I paid for it, then drove home to get the truck while the employees dismantled the display that was on it. I got it in the house and found the perfect spot for it, then threw on some of my wooden bowls, trays and quilts to decorate it. I love my new treasure and am so happy I found it! Kinda funny, because hubby still hasn't even noticed that it's there! LOL

My brother is getting married in a week or so. They are combining two complete households, so I knew there was nothing I could buy them for a gift that they would actually NEED. So I decided to make them a quilted table runner for the dining room.

Dresden Plate blocks are always fun to make - these have 20 blades and it was a treat to choose the different colors and prints to use for them.

I changed thread colors for each section as I quilted it - don't know if that's how the professionals do it - but it worked for me on this small project.

I know that my future sister-in-law likes copper so I found this pretty bowl at another antique store and bought it - then added the ball of artificial greenery for a splash of color and texture to complete the gift.

I found a pretty basket to place everything in and will wrap it with clear cellophane and tie it closed with strips of fabric & lace to make a nice presentation.

I actually added a label to the back too - ran muslin through my printer - then went over the lettering with a fine line Sharpie marker. It was pretty easy to do and I need to do it with ALL the quilts I make. Sure hope they like it when they receive it!

I'm not a huge fan of mysteries, but I just read this book and enjoyed it.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sneak Peek

We've had a very rainy week where I live and it was absolute heaven that I was able to spend two cozy days tucked up in my studio listening to an entire audio book and making a small quilt. It's a gift and just needs to be quilted and bound - should be ready in plenty of time to give in October.

I stitched up the first part of Lori's SAL at Humble Quilts - I always enjoy the projects that she shares with us because they're usually on the small size and very doable in small steps!

Twenty years ago, hubby & I tore up the linoleum floor in our kitchen and the carpet in our dining room - then we laid down 8" ceramic tiles. The tiles have held up well, but after all this time and three kids, the grout was starting to become very dark and dingy looking. I read great reviews on Amazon about a product specially designed for painting grout, so I picked up a bottle and spent two days last week on my hands and knees - OUCH! I started out using a small foam eye shadow brush, but it was way too tedious so I eventually switched to a small paintbrush. After the paint dries for at least 30 minutes, you spray it with water and simply wipe off the excess that overlapped onto the tiles.

Before and after pictures below show the results of my hard work. I think I like it!

Read a good book titled Girl Underwater.

The rain has let up so today I'm venturing out to run some errands and see the quilt show held in conjunction with the Utah Quilt Guild's Quilt Festival - an annual event that's being held only 10 minutes away from my house this year. I didn't sign up to take any classes, but I always enjoy shopping the vendor's mall and wandering around looking at people and things. I'm bound to run in to a few people I know and that's always fun too!

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Here's a picture of the hedgehog quilt I made for my new grandson. It was a labor of love and way outside my normal style of quilt - but it was really fun to stretch myself by sewing a different style and using a different technique - like pressing the seams open instead of to one side.

The back of the quilt includes the little guy's name. Plus, I added a bit of interest by including some sections leftover from the border on the front - this made it just the right size.

The baby was born yesterday and I can hardly wait to get my hands on him. We're leaving today to make the three hour drive to meet him. So excited!

My DIL sent me paint chips showing the colors that she wanted to include in the nursery. That made it easy when I was shopping for fabric - I highly recommend it!
Off I go - - -

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Eye Candy

In my last post I shared a penny rug that I worked on during a recent road trip. This little quilt below was another bit of handwork that kept me busy on the same outing. I got all the hexies basted and stitched together while traveling. Then I sewed them onto the backing fabric and added the appliqued flower when I got home. It's quilted and bound and I'm enjoying it in my home now. Measures about 8" x 10" total.

Last week I met with my rug group and they had some great show & tell. Leisa was working on her poppy rug during the meeting, but she pulled out this wonderful quilt to work on during the ride home (she was a passenger for a one hour drive). I LOVED the story behind this quilt and she gave me permission to share it here. She made this quilt for her husband's 50th birthday and every bit of it has significance. The background was made by printing important documents onto fabric - things like his Air Force discharge papers, his wedding certificate, his diploma from medical school etc... She then added the wool tree which has a wool leaf for each of his 50 years. The birds nestled in the branches represent their family (children & grandchildren).  He raises bees - hence the bee skep. Because he was in the military, they moved a LOT through the years and each of their houses is depicted in the border. He's an avid fisherman so that is depicted by the water and the fish. The fabric on the back of the quilt was printed with world maps - perfect! This is a one-of-a-kind quilt that will become a priceless heirloom to her family - kinda makes me cry when I look at it!

There was lots of other great eye candy to see at our gathering. Sandy brought this finished rug that has a nautical vibe to it - she plans on using in in front of her bathroom sink - nice to sink your toes into on a chilly morning!

Her Maggie B. bee skep is completed and looks SO nice!

She also had this cute baby quilt that she made for a niece.

And she hooked this cute little sheep while she was with us - ran out of wool and could quite finish his tummy....

Kim has been working on some 'draft dodgers' for three of her windows that let the cold air in during the winter. The background is unhooked linen and adds a nice touch to the project. These two are finished with snowmen & trees, and she's currently working on a third with mittens on it.

Her mom recently died and she showed us this darling little quilted pillow of entwined hearts that two of her dear friends made for her - such a special gift!

Victoria is nearly finished with this apple harvest rug - just a little bit more to do.

Coralee is hooking a memory rug that shows her life on a farm in earlier years.

Jeanette's colorful turkey should be done in time for Thanksgiving in a couple months.

And Sharon's old looking floral rug is so pretty - there will be two of them that are very similar in color and design.

I just sat and visited the entire time - didn't even have a project to work on - and that was just fine with me for once!  Here is a book that I read recently - it was a good  story set during the Blitz in London.
In my next post I'll share the finished baby quilt that I made for my new grandson. He's not here quite yet, but should make an appearance very soon - we can hardly wait!

Friday, August 21, 2015


I've had a busy few weeks and that's my excuse for not blogging. One sewing project I started and finished is this little penny rug. I have several pieces of wool that are too thick for rug hooking, but they're perfect for making penny rugs - so I cut some circles and squares and stitched this up on a recent road trip.

I have always avoided stitching things with points because the stitches would always fall around the corner, but I think I finally figured out how to get them to stay in place and it wasn't as hard as I had expected! Yay! I like to use cotton crochet thread instead of the pricey perle cotton that so many others prefer - I buy it at thrift stores and it works great.

I took this little owl wall hanging to the Ogden Nature Center yesterday so they can auction it off at their annual fundraiser in October - hope someone buys it for a decent price!

I saw that my daughter-in-law had one of these fabric buntings on her Pinterest board for the baby's new room, so I made one for the shower last weekend.

My Clover binding clips helped immensely in holding things in place till they got stitched together. I sure love those things!

It's a big one - hope it isn't too long for the room!

I'm finally done with green beans from the garden - canned 24 pints and I'm calling it good - that should be plenty for hubby and I.

I recently found out that my grandmother read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn back in the 1930's as she traveled across the country from Massachusetts to California, so I thought it would be fun to read it myself. It was a good one! I guess it's been made into a theater production and a movie so I might try to find it to watch sometime.

I also read Orphan Train and enjoyed it a lot - had no idea that this story was part of our national history.