Saturday, February 19, 2011


A couple days ago I pulled out my needle punch supplies and made a little name tag to wear when I attend hook-ins and other related events. Turned out kind of fun! And at the thrift store yesterday I found an older rug hook mixed in amongst the crochet hooks - paid 50 cents for it so thought it was a good deal. LOVE the red handle!

When I went to put the new/old hook away, I pulled out all of the others that are stored in the pouch I keep them in and snapped a picture. Didn't realize how many I actually owned! The one I use most of the time is my Hartman hook. And I like the bent hook I got from Gene Shepherd too, but the hook is quite sharp and kinda irritates the fingers on my underneath hand when I use it a lot. I really should switch out the hooks I use more often so my hand doesn't get so tired and distressed - don't ever want to have to deal with carpal tunnel! 

I'd love to own a hook someday that is made using a piece of vintage silverware for the handle - I've seen a couple in person and they're spectacular - and have a spectacular price tag too! Would love to see other rug hookers share their collections on their blogs - hint, hint! LOL

On another note - I have been sewing for at least 40 years now and for the first time ever on Wednesday night I put a sewing machine needle through my finger! Can you say OUCH? I don't recommend it! My kids were all here when I came running into the kitchen dripping blood. They asked if I'd be needing stitches, and then they said "No, she already stitched herself!" ha-ha-ha!


SUE said...

Hey Gayle, love the tag - super cute! I put a needle through the finger once too. I was trying to keep my toddler from getting too near and hit the pedal - OUCH! Love the hooks too. SUE

newburyarts said...

*****the hartman and shephard hooks are rather sharp and the lip is too deep...take one of those "pink" emory boards from the
drug store and "lightly" sand down the lip to the hook. this will flatten it out just a bit and make it easier to hook with. if the hooks are brass you can use a small amount of brasso to clean up the rough sopts...or any other polishing substance is good too. don't go too heave on the use of the board and you can use the brasso or polishing agent on steel
as well. afterwards you won't need to use any solvents on them because they will polish up as soon as you hook. good luck!

newburyarts said...

*****p.s...sorry on the typing...different computer.

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Ok Gayle,
Now I have to share my hook collection with you!! The red hook is very similar to one I found. That was a great thrift store buy you got there!! All of mine were found at fleas or thrifts. I'll post them sometime this week. I was looking hard for them today at the shops, but then seem to just appear when you're not thinking of them. So sorry you sewed into your finger!! Kids are "funny", aren't they? ;-)

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Love how your name tag turned out, Gayle! Your collection is really pretty - maybe you should store them in a glass jar or something with the pretty, colored handles showing.

Sorry about your finger - I'll bet that didn't feel any too good at all! OUCH!

Nedra said...

I'm glad you are OK. I've not managed (yet) to accomplish that goal, and quite happy that you beat me to it.

Raymond Homestead said...

Love the name tag you did! That is so neat!

Lori said...

What a cute name tag!!

Ah, kids, ya gotta love them and their sense of humor!!

Deb Riddell said...

Love the name tag and your hook collection, so colourful! Sorry about the finger, hope you aren't injured too badly and can bet back to hooking soon! Deb

Tiff said...

Ouch! about your finger, I hope you are OK. I've come close to doing that, but thank goodness I haven't.

I only have 3 rug hooks, 2 new ones and one vintage red one with a nice fat handle. The hook on it is rather large though, so I don't use it.

Love the name tag, I bet you will get people asking you to make them. Hey, that might be a great seller on etsy, custom nametags!

About my fishtail swags... yes I made them myself. They were actually quite easy to make, just cumbersome because you are working with so much fabric. I used 4 yards for each window and the full width of the fabric. I also fully lined them. I got my fabric dirt cheap at a local store, so all 4 windows cost me $28 total. My first swag is very nice and ironed perfectly. THe next 3 are not quite as perfect because I was getting impatient, and like I said, the large amount of fabric gets annoying when you are sewing and lining things up. Here is the link I referred to it tells you how to get the pleat part right.
As for hanging them. I just used the curtain rod parts from my old curtains. The part that attaches to the wall and sticks out. The fabric is just swagged on those on each corner. Does that make sense? I know there are actually fishtail swag hangers out there, but you really don't need those. If you have any other questions, let me know.

acorn hollow said...

Ouch! Good buy on the rug hook. and a great idea on the name tag.
I have quite a few hooks also I keep in a wooden bowl I will show it the next post.

Siobhán said...

What a cool tag--very cute!

YOUCH on the needle through your finger!! I did have to laugh at your kids' commentary, though. ;) I hope it heals quickly!

LiahonaGirl said...

Darling needle punched name tag! I've done a couple needle punch projects, but it hasn't consumed me like cross stitching and quilting. Although I think learning to hook rugs is calling my name!

Wicked Wool said...

Hi Gayle: What fun to see your hook collection! I am in the process of photographing mine as well. I will let you know when I get it posted. Thanks for sharing yours! Beth

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Love that punched name tag! And your hook collection is beautiful! I have two or three. I will have to keep my eyes open for crafty stuff at thrift stores and garage sales this summer. :)

Amy McPheeters said...

That sewing your finger story made me feel a little weak! But I rallied and now I think I can actually face my sewing machine if the need arises. I think. OUCH. The name tag is really, really cute. I am totally "hooked" on my Miller hook. It is probably for a smaller cut than I use, but I have adapted. I think there are other versions of it for wider cuts - I may look for them at the Lenexa hook-in this weekend. Several friends have splurged on a custom made hook with sterling knife handle (or some other sterling implement), but they ended up not using them - not ergonomic! But beautiful!

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Aw, the tag is so sweet, LOVE it! What a fun collection of hooks! You should display them in old jars or something fun like that.

Ouch! The needle through the finger made me cringe! That sounds so painful. Leave it to the kids to make light of a situation, haha!