Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Bit of Everything

Just sharing a bit of this and a bit of that today. Here's a sneak peek at a new project I'm working on. Making one for me and one for a friend.

At quilting last week we sat and stitched these cute little owls while we visited and ate some yummy strawberry trifle.

I love how Janet had these surplus sewing machine bobbins displayed in a wire basket in her entry way - you can definitely tell that a quilter lives at her home because of little touches like this scattered throughout the house.

I've recently discovered two relatively new rug hooking blogs who also have rug hooking businesses. Heavens-to-Betsy has some fun designs - I sent away for their wool swatches and they arrived in my mailbox yesterday - oh my goodness - they are absolutely beautiful! It's so interesting to read on their blog about the behind the scenes details of how the wool is designed and milled. I think it's so cool that this is a small family owned business and I think that must be why they can offer their wool at the low price of $19/yd!

Another new place is called Wicked Wool. They have wool, patterns and other supplies available on their website. Plus a free pattern for a darling spring design.

And one last picture of the footstool I hooked for my mother-in-law - here it is in it's new home.


Lewaina@cliffsideranch said...


Rugs and Pugs said...

Gayle ~
Your footstool is magnificent!
Heavens to Betsy wool is absolutely wonderful. I got a couple gift certificates for Christmas. Lucky me! I'm not familiar with the other wool, but will be...lol!
Hugs :)

Rebecca said...

Gayle, Your foot stool turned out fabulously! It looks like it is from a high end decor shop! Love how the pattern travels around it. Becky

Nedra said...

The stool looks perfect next to your MIL's couch.
And Betsy Reed used to come to the Daniel's Summit Rug Hooking camps. Great lady!

Raymond Homestead said...

Thanks for sharing the sites with the wool! The little owls are cute, bet they were fun to make and I love the stool!

Kaaren said...

Your footstool is MORE than perfect in your mil's living room.

Must check out the two links you gave us. After all, you can never have too much wool!

Cathy G. said...

Those little owls are pretty darn cute!! And the footstool is jaw dropping awesome!!
I recently bought wool from Heaven's to Betsy and they are wonderful people to deal with.... and the wool is fabulous!
I will check out the other link too!
Happy stitching!
Cathy G

woolwoman said...

gayle - your MIL's footstool is smashing ! I love the colors and everything about it - you should be SOOO proud of your accomplishment. The owls are tooo cute - thanks for the info on the wool sources - good to hear nice things about them from your readers. Melody

Kim said...

I can't wait to see what you are making with all those pretty little triangles.
And I have said this before but I love that footstool. It looks perfect in its new home.

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I love owls! I have a growing collection! The stool looks fab in its new home. Thanks for the two sites to check out! Look forward to seeing future projects from your way!

Unknown said...

Love that foot stool more and more.

BeFRuiTFuL KReaTioNS said...

I was happy to find your blog today. Always on the look out for rug hooking blogs. Thanks for sharing the foot stool photo. The colors are perfect for your MIL couch. Stunning.
Haven't tried Heaven to Betsy's wool but will have to remedy that situation.

Faye Henry said...

I love owls and can't imagine what you will do with the pieces...
Your footstool is awesome.. Lucky MIL...
Take care..

Shakerwood said...

I just ordered the samples from Betsy. Cant' wait until they get here. The footstool turned out great!

Unknown said...


Carrie P. said...

Oh, the stool is so beatiful. I am very new to rug hooking and I have been looking through your blog and you do beautiful work.
I was wondering if you could answer a question. I have a little stool and I want to put either some a rug hooking or a punch needle design on top and not all the way around to the bottom.
I was wondering if I want to attach it to just the top of the stool, how would that be done? thanks for any help you can give me.