Monday, March 10, 2014


My computer was having a few issues last week or I would have posted these pictures sooner. Seems to be all fixed now - I guess I should figure out how to blog from my iPad some day, huh?

I have finally finished the rug I started in the Maggie Bonanomi workshop last fall - I'm really glad to have this done - I've been doing more quilting than rug hooking lately so it took me a long time for such a small rug.

Here you can see how well the red yarn turned out after I toned it down to match the red wool strips.

At our rug meeting there was some nice show & tell. Victoria finished her Maggie B rug also - - -

- - - and brought a small Americana mat that is nearly finished.

Coralee learned to hook rugs when she lived back east and fine hooking was all that she was familiar with - I believe this welcome rug she is making as a gift for her sister is done with a #6 cut. Since moving to Utah she's discovered primitive hooking and I think her next project will be done with wider cuts.

Tonia found some wooden letters at Hobby Lobby awhile ago and bought enough to spell the word W-O-O-L. She traced each letter and is hooking it - then attaching that to the front of the wooden letter and finishing the edge with a strip of wool. What a fun project! Front - - -

- - - and back.

I've also made some progress on a couple small quilts - my basket quilt is coming right along - - -

- - - and got my hexies sewn onto their backgrounds.

And have started piecing the alternate blocks too.

My quilt group had our monthly meeting on Wednesday evening and Janet brought this wonderful Robbing Peter to Pay Paul after seeing the one I shared last month - I like hers a LOT more than mine because it's scrappy - and those plaid homespuns and brushed cottons are SO soft.

Kathy made the cutest 3-layer cake for us to eat - once you cut a slice the polka dots were revealed - and we used polka dotted plates & napkins - a fun theme! She is the queen of entertaining and her attention to detail is unparalleled!  (edited to add this link with instructions for making the cake)

I think this is the second hooked rug I ever made - I made it as a gift for Kathy so I snapped a  picture of it while I was at her house. I think I've come a long way since then with my use of color but I sure was proud of it at the time.

I hope I have a productive week and will have more to show you in a few days.


Yvonne said...

Your rugs are so beautifull! I love the Americana. And the cute little quilts you are making too with the civil war fabrics. That cake looks delicious and so fun!

Kyle said...

Wow! Your groups always have such beautiful rugs to share. Your hexies are looking fabulous. I like how you're setting them inside the blocks. And then the cake! I think we all want to know how Kathy made the dots inside the cake. Too cute!

audrey said...

What a fun post! Always enjoy seeing the rugs. Even though I don't make them myself, I'm a huge fan.:) Such a great basket quilt too. Can we ever have too many basket quilts? lol

Me and My Stitches said...

As always, I just love your show and tell. And yes, I think your use of color has come a long way - even though there is not a thing wrong with those hearts. Love your quilting projects too. I had to do a double take after you added that border - really gave it a whole new look!

Rugs and Pugs said...

LOVE your Maggie B rug and Victoria's, too. Maggie has the best patterns.
Lots of great quilts, too. You have been busy.
What a fun cake!!!
Hugs :)

annie said...

wonderful sharing, love the red on your rug! and everything else too!

Sally said...

Yes, so many talented ladies. I need to start doing Something! Having been retired for a few years, it seem there's a lot to do with family etc. And let me not foget FB - aarrghh

You have got me thinking I could have better use of time by trying something new. So, Thank you!!

Janet O. said...

Always fun seeing the rugs from your group. They are all wonderful! What a delight to see all this talent!
Very clever idea with the wooden letters--love it!
Your little basket quilt has stolen my heart AND I am drooling over your fabrics for your hexie flower settings! Just finish those two little quilts up and send them my way. : )
Cute cake--looks like you had the hostess with the most-ess!
Seems to me that you already had a productive week!!

jody said...

Love seeing all the rug projects! Great patterns and colors! Also your quilts you are working on! I love your friends "robbing peter to pay paul" nice and scrappy, i have always loved that pattern! Im working on a quilt for auntie mary and hope to give it to her this next cobbler get together, feels good to quilt again! Enjoy your day Gayle

Lori said...

Love your rug and quilts! What size are the basket blocks? Great show and tell as usual!

Kindred Quilts said...

Always fun to see the rug hooking projects from your group... such talent!
I LOVE your basket quilt!!! Pattern? Your fabrics are wonderful... my kind of look.
Really enjoy all of the quilting projects you have going on... drooling over here!

Sue SA said...

Love your rug, the red and black together really make it stunning. The basket blocks are cute and love that Peter robbed Paul quilt. Nice to see your early rug, and know your skills have progressed - but I still like its simplicity of design.

Dawn said...

Beautiful hooked pieces. Love the little basket blocks, so sweet all scrappy.
Thank you for sharing!

Katbirds said...

I love the woolen/wooden letters! I think this is just the project to get me rug hooking again.

Mimi Sue said...

Love that rug! Mimi

Karen said...

I like your rug finish. The border gives it added interest. The rug design would be nice done in wool applique also.

I have never seen such a cake. I am going to following the link and see how those circles inside the cake happened. And such a tall cake.