Thursday, March 20, 2014

Back & Forth

There has been mail crisscrossing the country lately - I've been on the sending end of some - and on the receiving end of others. Remember awhile ago I posted a request on my blog for a certain rug hooking book? Well, Fran reads my blog and emailed me - said she had an extra copy of the book that she'd love to share at no cost to me - she didn't even ask me to pay postage!

Well, I couldn't let such a kindness go unrewarded, so I stitched up a little Chinese Coins quilt and sent it off to her by way of thanks. She just let me know that it has been received so now I'm able to share a picture of it here.

And I was the lucky winner of a rug hooking pattern giveaway on Saundra's blog - I'm a big fan of Polly Minick - even got to meet her & her sister Laurie several years ago. I pulled the fat envelope out of my mailbox earlier today and look forward to getting this checkerboard hooked some day.. Thanks Saundra!

I know stuff gets lost in the mail all the time, but I've been very fortunate through the years and have only ever had one package go missing. It was a small hooked mat that I made for a one-on-one swap, and I had a sneaking suspicion that the recipient just claimed that it hadn't arrived so she wouldn't have to send me anything in return. Made me very cynical about participating in online swaps ever since. Have you ever had anything get lost in the mail?


Janet O. said...

What a very lovely little quilt you made to say thanks for the kind gesture!
The only times I have had things go missing was when I shipped to South America when my sons were missionaries there.

Saundra said...

Oh my but that Chinese Coin piece is delightful and must have been a LOT of work. Am so happy you received the pattern from me.

The other topic.... So far I've been lucky and have received my trades. However, I have read often on groups where someone claims to not have received and have had my doubts. ME? I'm always the worrier that mine won't be good enough for the one I'm about to receive.


Karen said...

I had one round robin quilt that never made it home to me and was only told that the sender was overwhelmed with various problems. I just wrote it off to bad luck. I have participated in trades since then but not many. I had a house payment check go missing one time. And I had an E-Bay seller cheat me one and about 14 other people.
I was gifted a Chinese Coins mini quilt and keep it out all the time. I love the look of that design even though it is simple in style.

Sue said...

I am a big Fan of Minick & Simpson fabrics :-D Congrats on a great win !

annie said...

such good goings on!
happy you got the book!
love the quilt!

I only did one swap, I asked the lady to hold hers until she received mine to make sure she liked it, my things are a bit different. Anyway she went on and sent it, after she got mine she never even said thank you. I haven't lost anything else that I know off, although one set of neighbors occasionally got some of my mail, the few times they returned it, it was always ripped open, so I never knew for sure!

audrey said...

Lovely to give and receive both. I've never lost anything important in the mail, but when I mail quilts etc. I always pay for tracking so I know for sure where it's at.:)

Sandy said...

I almost lost my Thanksgiving dinner one year. It was delivered one street over, same number as our house. They had it (frozen on dry ice) for two days before I tracked it down.

I just signed up for a doll quilt swap, I hope it goes OK ~

Love your Chinese coins! I think its the border that really makes it.

Yvonne said...

Once all the vacation cards I send from Austria got lost in the mail but luckily never a package. Like the pateen you won from Minnick.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I don't recall ever losing anything in the mail.

That's a gorgeous "thank you" you sent ... is that border pieced?

Cathy said...

I've had the same thing happen to me once. Now I make sure that I put tracking on packages with follow up emails. Hasn't happened since.

I love your Chinese Coin quilt. I'm sure she loved it. Hugs

Three Sheep Studio said...

Oh Gayle, I will gladly go to my bookshelf and find a good book for you if you'll make me a gorgeous quilt like that for me !!! lol
What a great treasure for both of you. ;)

Me and My Stitches said...

Chinese Coins is a really cute little quilt - I'm sure she loves it! I really like that Minnick & Simpson pattern - you will have that whipped up in no time! :)I feel that I've been pretty fortunate with the USPS - I've shipped thousands of packages and have had very few problems. I did send a small kit to someone once and they received an empty envelope that had been cut open.

Kindred Quilts said...

What a sweet coin quilt you gifted... so cute!
No problems with mail, but my son-in-law doesn't trust florists... two dozen red roses were supposed to be delivered to my daughter the morning of their wedding and they never arrived... since then he delivers flowers to her personally!

Lori said...

Some things have taken a long time to get where they are going, but so far nothing lost. Once years ago, it was the first year we had to pay taxes and the IRS said they never received our check! I suppose at the time it was lost on someone's desk.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

How fun to win such a fun kit! Minick and Simpson are a couple of my favorite designers.
I had a couple things go missing in the mail over the holidays--a swap block and a pattern that I won in a blog drawing. I imagine they got lost in the massive Christmas deliveries, although I did read about a semi truck filled with mail catching fire around the same time!

Cheryl said...

Congrats on the win...I too love their rug patterns, especially the patriotic ones.
Swaps can be tricky. Sorry you had a bad experience.