Monday, June 24, 2013

What a Great Swap!

Janet - who blogs at Rogue Quilter - lives one hour away from me. We became friends through blogging and it was great fun when we finally met face-to-face for the first time a few months ago. Soon after that meeting we decided it would be fun to swap mini quilts - there were no rules to follow - anything goes. Today we met halfway between our two homes and exchanged our quilts.

The Patriotic Pineapple quilt she made for me is breathtaking - the fabrics - the piecing - the quilting! She was very naughty and insisted on pointing out every teeny tiny imperfection on it - most of which was invisible to my eye. The red, white & blue fabrics are so yummy!

And she hand quilted it! I can't even remember the last time I did that to a quilt - what a treat! See how she fussy cut those sheep for the center of each block? Since I'm a rug hooker AND a quilter this is so perfect for me! I really feel like I got the best part of the exchange! Thanks so much for a GREAT swap Janet - let's do it again some time.

Here is the little quilt I gave her in return - I have been loving all the medallion quilts I've been seeing out in blogland so I decided to try and make one for her using all Civil War Reproduction fabrics  since dark & dirty is her preference. I was pretty sure that she doesn't do much applique, so I included a bit of that in the design - and I threw in a few yo-yo's too. It is machine quilted.

And another highlight for me was recently winning a giveaway on Missie's blog - on Saturday I received her pattern for some flower pincushions that can be made by doing needle punch or wool applique - I'm having a hard time deciding which way to do it so maybe I'll have to do one of each. Love this cute design. Thanks Missie!


Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Gayle, both quilts are stunning! So fun that you two met up and did this swap. I have been so darn busy with the basement and everything else that quilting has been put on the back burner. Need to get at least a couple done for the show in Sept.
p.s. the pincushions look darling too. Congrats on winning!

audrey said...

I just saw these on Janets blog. So fun for the both of you! Great little quilts with so much personality. I think you both did good.:)

Doniene said...

yeah!!! I wish I lived close enough to you two!! I'd love to do a quilt swap with ya'll! Mostly, I would just love to sit and chat with such lovely ladies!
Love the flower pincushions!


Three Sheep Studio said...

What a wonderful idea, to arrange a swap. ;) Both quilts are lovely and so different.
I adore the two ways of making the pin cushion. I have been needlepunching for weeks and I am drawn to the Punch Needle Embroidery pincushion.
Very beautiful.

Yvonne said...

Both quilts are just darling! I think Janet was just as happy as you with her beautiful quilt.
Don't you love those friendships that you make threw blogging?
Cute pincushion's too!

Karen said...

I saw the quilts on Janet's blog just a bit ago. Your piece is so very creative. I can tell you put a lot of time and thought into it. I have two little pineapple ornaments that Janet made so I know how well she does pineapple blocks.

Julia said...

How nice that you met and became friends. I think that you are both very satisfied of the exchange and why not, they are both stunning piece of work and you both seem to have put little extras for each others. Let say that you are both thoughtful and it shows.

Congratulations on your winning the give away.

Janet O. said...

Maybe now blogger will let me leave a comment. It gave me fits last night.
I hate to correct a lady in public, but *I* got the best part of this deal!! All of the little extra touches on the quilt you made make it so special. And did you see the photo of you with the quilts? So cute!
It was a fun afternoon and we WILL have to do it again!
When I saw that you had won that pincushion pattern I thought it was a perfect fit for you.
Swapping and winning--we could have done a joint post. : )

Kindred Quilts said...

I think the swap with Janet was a win-win for both of you! Very cute mini quilts! The two of you put a lot of thought in what you made for each other!

Raymond Homestead said...

Great quilts, really like those pincushions!

The Wool Cupboard said...

I agree, Gayle, "Great Swap!" Love the mini quilts and I WANT a flower pin cushion like those you shared...wonderful. (I have a love of pin cushions lately.)


Lori said...

That is so sweet! Both quilts are beautiful!! What a fun token of friendship.

Friendship Crossing said...

Wow Gayle,
Your quilts you exchanged are absolutely beautiful!!! love them both!

Thanks for sharing and joining in my giveaway!


Kyle said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate your friendship. You both are very talented and each received an awesome quilt.

Maureen said...

What a fun swap! You two each got a stunning quilt. Love the pin cushion too!

antique quilter said...

both of you did an amazing job , what treasures these quilts will be for each of you.
lvoe them both!

Darlene D said...

Wow, two beautiful little quilts!