Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I started this little quilt a couple years ago by fussy cutting some Jo Morton stars into applique circles. Then it got set on the back burner because I couldn't decide which red fabric to use for the background squares. Well, I pulled it out last week and chose one - then got it all sewn together - quilted - and bound. Now it's finished - YAY!

It was inspired by this quilt that I saw in a Christmas issue of AP&Q magazine. I didn't make it exactly the same but you can see the resemblance between them. I think the stars on this one were pieced.

I had to chuckle when I saw the Stars & Bars quilt that Janet at Rogue Quilter posted a few days ago cuz I'm pretty sure she used the same Jo Morton star fabric to fussy cut her squares. Great minds think alike, huh?

I'd like to get the quilt below finished by July too. Two, maybe three years ago I made DD#1 a spider web quilt and I realized it was made exactly like this pinwheel block, so I got that part made soon after. Now I need to applique some swags for a border and get it quilted. Wish me luck!

I've been doing a little work on my hooked wreath too - crossing my fingers I have enough of the background fabric to do the entire rug. (not loving that blue flower)


Sue said...

That is a great quilt! I also love your spider web blocks. I need to make some of those :)

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

audrey said...

Great finish! I did a larger version of that quilt years ago with raw edge stars and always thought I'd do another one eventually the 'right' way.hehe Looking forward to seeing the applique swags on your spider web quilt!

Julia said...

Gayle, your little star rug is just beautiful The border really frame them nicely. It looks like so much tedious work but so well worth it. Your spider web quilt looks lovely too. You are always so productive with quilts.

I love, love the background on your rug. I think that the blue looks nice too unless the colors are not as they appear in real life. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole rug.


Doniene said...

Wonderful "Americana" quilts!! And your rug is coming along just fine! I like the blue flower!!


Kyle said...

Don't you love red, white and blue Americana quilts? Yours are great. Glad you just made a decision and finished your star quilt. Keep going on the spider web.

Kindred Quilts said...

Love the stars quilt! Isn't it a good feeling to finish a project that was started years ago? Cute spider webs... plenty of time to finish this one!

Janet O. said...

*LOL* Yup, my stars were from Jo Morton, as well.
What are the chances we would both come up with quilts from those stars at the same time! : )
That wreath is wonderful looking--what don't you like about the blue flower--the shape or color? I like it, but what do I know?

Rugs and Pugs said...

Great projects!!! I'd hook a little more background and then decide if you want to change the blue flower.
Hugs :)

Lori said...

Love your patriotic quilts! The string one is especially nice and scrappy!!

Missie of Traditional Primitives said...

Darling quilt with the stars! It looks so tiny on that wood grain! So cute! Your spider web is very interesting...makes the eyes jump! And your hooking looks wonderful...that's on my list to learn someday... Thanks for sharing!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your quilt is beautiful. Isn't it a great feeling to complete an older project?

Three Sheep Studio said...

I love your Americana Quilt !
After reading your first paragraph - it does a creative mind good, to step away from a project and then return...oh, how much easier it is to make the decisions !
Your work is lovely as always. ;)

Yvonne said...

I love Americana. Too bad you don't see those quilts so often anymore. Good Luik with your spider web!

woolwoman said...

love this quilt Gayle with the Jo Morton fabric - all the rugs in the previous posts were so neat. Love that Emma Lou one - gorgeous! I know how your friend feels - I have a cupboard full of WIP's that need to be worked on. Cheers Melody

The Wool Cupboard said...

Love your quilt, Gayle! Star quilts have always been my favorites. Your hooked flower rug is looking great...you may LOVE the blue flower when it is finished!


Karen said...

I remember that Jo Morton star design. A nice finish. Yours does look very similar but a touch different.

Bev said...

I just love everything that you do! I want to start "hooking" but don't have any wool fabric. Can you use felt or will it tear too easily? Wool is expensive! All my money is going to vet care for my old shih tzu boy! I do have some flannel. Will that work?

Cheery wave from

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Gayle, love the quilt and the new one looks fabulous also. I admire your hooking. Something I would like to try sometime. I really like the touch of blue in the flower. Can't wait to see it finished!