Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dibs & Dabs

I have finished appliqueing the wool pennies onto these blocks, and I've got them all sewn together. Now I need to add more pennies at the corners where the blocks meet, and find a good fabric for the border - I don't seem to have a piece that will work in my stash - imagine that! Guess I'll have to go shopping! LOL

I met a gal who makes and donates small quilts to her local Ronald McDonald House in Texas. I have sent her blocks before, but last week I made a couple of scrappy tops to send. I found wonderful fabrics on clearance for the backing & binding to accompany them - she will layer them and quilt them and deliver them. Such a good project! If any of you are interested in sending orphan blocks or tops or supplies, I can send you her address. She prefers 10" blocks so the backing doesn't need to be pieced.

I have discovered a new author that I like thanks to the suggestion of my friend Terri. These are murder mysteries and feature London police officers who are married to each other, as well as their friends, family & co-workers. I haven't read them in order, but that would be the best way to do it. Maybe you'll like them too!

On occasion I've been working on a new denim quilt. I'm in love with hexies, and this is a version of one that's new to me. I put the word out to my kids asking for old denim jeans, so as I receive them, I cut the hexagons and then cut larger hexies from homespun plaids. There is no batting in this - the edges are folded over and stitched. Then the hexies are butted up next to each other and joined by a decorative machine stitch. Not sure how large this will end up, depends on how quickly I tire of it!

I'm getting close to a finish on my 20" hit & miss mat. Only about 2" left to go on one side.

On Tuesday I met with my group of hooking friends and there was some great show & tell! Sharon had finished this small mat - she will back it with a nice piece of wool.

Sandy is filling in the background on this Susan Quicksall floral design - lovely colors!

Coralee is also working on the background of her Cranberry Gobbler.

Tonia has made arrangements with an antique dealer to make this rug for him in exchange for some nice antiques - it's looking great! It depicts the Kirkland Temple.

And the two bicycles below are SO fun to see side by side! This is a Polly Minick pattern. Jeanette is staying true to the original with an Americana color scheme.......

.....while Kim is switching it up by omitting the star border and doing her own color planning.

It was decided that at our December meeting we will exchange wooly ornaments - either hooked, or appliqued, or even needle punched. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Hope you all had a nice Halloween - our trick-or-treaters were nearly non-existent this year - only 4 small groups came to our door - much different than it was when our children were small and we handed out hundreds of pieces of  candy!


Unknown said...

Such a busy gal! I really do like your penny quilt...I'm going to pull out my PQP magazines and take a closer look.
I have friends who donate quilt squares for that cause. I'm not a quilter otherwise I would.
Thanks for the heads up on the books; I'm always looking for a good read. Right now I'm hooked on Charles Todd, where his main character is a nurse during WW1. (They're mysteries).

Rugs and Pugs said...

I'm lovin' your penny quilt and your denim hexies are fun!
Happy November.

Saimi said...

You've been busy! Love your Penny quilt and wow what a challenge to do the denim hexes. We don't get many trick or treaters either but i have a few friends that are young moms who take pity on me and will bring their kids over. To say the least I always have high hopes and buy way too much candy, like the big bars. The husband doesn't mind haha he likes the left overs.

Janet O. said...

Your wool penny quilt is calling to me. Isn't it crazy how we can have shelves and shelves of fabric and nothing works? I'm struggling to choose borders for the Thanksgiving wool applique piece I made--so determined not to shop.
Nice little donation tops. Good of you to do that!
Oh, that is a different hexie project than I have seen before. If I was making it I would be finished before I got started. Love the look of hexies, but don't love the process. : ) I really like the uniqueness of this one.
Always enjoy seeing the beautiful rugs being made by you and your friends. So many here that catch my eye!

Three Sheep Studio said...

You have the most interesting blog posts ! It's like reading a magazine with a cup of tea !
I'm in love with the denim hexies. The wool pennies are amazing- they look gorgeous all lined up. The rug hooking and quilts - so much eye candy !!

Sue SA said...

Such lovely projects. Your denim quilt is interesting I have never seen a pattern for using it in a quilt, with this method. I like the idea of machine sewing it together with decorative stitches, sure it will look wonderful. Love your charity quilt tops, such a great pattern.

Kyle said...

Lots to take in with your delicious dibs and dabs. You're working on so many fantastic things. I especially like how the pennies are turning out. Your rug group is always working on amazing things. I'm sure it's fun to be part of that group.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your hexie quilt with denim is awesome--such a clever idea. Your hooking group is so creative and talented.

Karen said...

That was a lot of circles to stitch around!

Yvonne said...

I love the rugs your friends are making and your work is stunning as always! So much different things you do and it all looks so great!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Wow---that is a lot of pennies--stunning! I am loving your denim blocks too--very fun!

woolwoman said...

ive been so remiss in blog reading Gayle - I loved seeing the backyard quilt show and seeing your friends WIP's and finishes. I knew about Joseph Smith and his vision of course but didn't know about the Sacred Forest so that was very interesting. thanks for providing the link. your work is always inspiring and beautiful - Cheers Mel

Nancy said...

Ohh, your penny quilt looks fabulous. I can hardly resist a quilt (or rug) with bright colors and symmetrical, rhythmic shapes like this (and your hit and miss rug, too). I don't think you mentioned how large the blocks are. Those are great donation quilts, and I love the quilt beneath the book. It looks perfectly autumn-y. The hexagon quilt looks fun. I like the combination of denim and plaids.