Saturday, April 2, 2016

This is the Plan!

Our rug guild is bringing in Anne-Marie Littenberg for a three day workshop in the middle of April, and I signed up and paid for my class as soon as it was announced months and months ago. This kind of thing was unthinkable just a few years ago, but how fortunate we are that it happens on a regular basis now that Utah rug hookers have banded together and selected some great leaders!  However, Anne-Marie specializes in landscape rugs and portrait rugs - neither of which really appeal to me. My life is kind of extra busy now, having helped a son & his family move recently, and will soon be helping a daughter and her family move. Plus, we've been house hunting too! With all that going on I just wasn't finding time to decide on a class project, so I have sold my spot and will not be attending after all. Can't wait to see the results of all the gals who WILL be taking the class though - and maybe I can pop in to take pictures for our guild's blog.

I DO need a project to work on during my monthly group meetings, so I have pulled out a rug that I started at least five years ago when I traveled Cambria, CA and took a class from Susan Quicksall. It has been lanquishing in a pile ever since because I lost my mojo on it. Have decided that it's time to finish it up. Here's what I accomplished in class - quite a bit actually!

This pile of wool was still set aside for using.

And this vintage suitcase was still full of cut strips. Hopefully, it will be completed soon!

And I decided to use a big stitch to quilt my Cheri Payne quilt. It's been years since I hand quilted and I've never done the big stitch so even though this is a small quilt, it's a big deal! LOL I'm using black crochet cotton and it's going quickly. Working on it in the evenings and it should be done in another day or two.


Sue SA said...

Glad you have refound your mojo with the UFO rug. Good luck with house hunting.

Julia said...

No doubt, you have been busy and you'll be even busier. It's good you could sell your spot at that workshop. I happen to love landscape and portrait rugs. The more detail the better but I prefer working on my own pattern. Your rug is lovely and the quilt is going to be beautiful too.

Saundra said...

Looking forward to seeing your UFO closer to completion and also that 'big deal' quilt project. Plus, you made someone else happy as she was able to get a spot late in the game.

Janet O. said...

Sounds like you made a good call on the class.
Looks like a fun rug in the works. Good think you had all of the wool set aside.: )
Big stitch in black appears to look really good on your little quilt.

WoolenSails said...

Anne Marie does wonderful rugs but if her style isn't your thing, you wouldn't have enjoyed it.
I hope you can get photos, would be fun to see what everyone makes.
I love doing hand stitching, that is a nice piece to practice on.


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Can't wait to see your finished rug

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

You've got a lot going on! The big stitch looks great and I see a finish for your rug in the near future!

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Prims By The Water said...

Good luck house hunting...hubby and I have been toying with the idea of buying another house to rent out for extra income. Love your rug! Janice

Kyle said...

You sure do have a lot going on. Maybe working on your abandoned project will give you some creative time. It's really awesome and will be neat when it's done. Glad you're having fun with the big stitching. Because it goes so quickly, it's a great motivational technique.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I'm lovin' your Susan Q rug and you sure did accomplish a lot on it at camp. It will be lovely when done.
House hunting? Are you downsizing, moving to a new city, or just weant someplace new? I'm sorry I'm so nosey :)
Happy hooking :)

newburyarts said...

*****you and your hooking friends will like anne marie...she was president of our
vermnt guild and well liked. have fun!!!

Yvonne said...

It is going to be a lovely colorful rug! Glad you have found the inspiration to get back to work on it!

Lori said...

Your big stitch is looking good! Sounds like a busy spring for you. Your old ufo rug is so pretty.

Nancy said...

Your rug will be beautiful (and is already, even though it's only partially finished). Good for you to get it back out and work on it. I love how beautifully colors can be blended in hooked rugs, as you've done with this one.

Love your stack of wool pieces. Are they from clothing and, if so, do you wash and dry them before cutting into strips to use?
--Nancy. (ndmessier @

Sylvia said...

Your Susan Quicksall rug is wonderful! I love your colors.
You truly do have a lot going on. Good luck finding a house.

whitey said...

Time seems to run out very quickly at our age!

Sher B said...

So glad you have your rug hooking mojo back to finish that wonderful rug! I also love your little quilt with the big stiches! Never thought that big stitches would be acceptable in quilting, glad to find out that they now are after years of working towards making my hand quilting stitches small, lol! Thanks for sharing, it's fun to see other's craft projects and even learn about new ways to craft!

Good luck with the house hunting, I really enjoy your blog!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Gayle,
Love your rug and am so happy you are going to get back to it!! That has happened to me before with some projects and sometimes it is so nice to rediscover them!! It will be beautiful when you finish it and you will be so happy you did!
Your quilt is to pretty and how fun to finish with big stitches!!! Hope the house hunting is going well!!
Enjoy your week!
Warm Hugs~

Sandi said...

When I sat the preview picture for this post I thought, "What an interesting hand bag!" Then I clicked and saw it was a small quilt against a basket! Well I think you need to design a handbag inspired by the basket and quilt?

Love the ArtGirlz piece, sorry they went out of business.

Great projects, thanks for sharing.

Barb said...

Lots of fun stuff.....hope you find your camera