Monday, April 18, 2016

Done - And Getting Done

In my last post I shared a small quilt that I was doing the big stitch on. It's all finished now and I'm so pleased with the way it turned out!

Really fun to make those big stitches using a ball of crochet cotton that I found at the thrift store years ago.

I just use a whip stitch to attach my wool applique pieces after learning from Maggie Banonomi that that's what she does.

And I'm making good progress on hooked rug that I began in a class years ago - why on earth did it take me so long to get back to it?

I forgot to share this delightful little wool woman that I received as a gift last month. It was made from a kit by ArtGirlz and I just love the metal face & crown & hands that embellish this gal.

I have some show & tell to share from a couple of meetings I attended earlier this month. First up is the Polly Minick fish rug that Jeanette is working on - this is the third version I've seen hooked and each one has be just delightful!

She showed us this beautiful penny rug that she had finished.

Her stitches are perfection!

Sharon has a tradition of making very small gift items to send to her grandchildren on their birthdays each year. This is the year of the owl for her and a gift of cash will be included with these cute little guys!

I can't remember who hooked this little Americana piece - was it Sandy? Someone help me out here and I'll post better information. The stars have nice sharp points, which is something I always struggle with!

Angela brought two of her rugs that are in-progress - each one is just beautiful! Her loops are perfectly even and I doubt she ever has to steam a rug when she's done hooking it!

Marliss has made a lot of progress on her Sharon Smith rug since our last meeting. See what happens when you set yourself a goal? I need to take a lesson from her!

At my quilt group, Janet shared a tumbler quilt that she had just completed. She and her sister shared 30's reproduction fabrics to make the exact same pattern and it was cute! I forgot to take a picture of a small quilt and dress that she had made for her grand daughter's American Girl doll. Maybe I'll get to sew fun stuff like that when my little gal gets a bit older and shows interest in that.

Please go over to Tonia's blog and see her beautiful finished rug - she is SUCH a creative person!

HandiQuilter is headquartered here in Utah and this morning I took a little drive to their warehouse to have a look around because I had heard they have lots of quilts on display. A lot of them were art quilts and modern quilts, but I did find a few that appealed to me. Fun to see them hanging in the halls of their office!


WoolenSails said...

Love your little quilt and the stitching looks beautiful on it.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Love it all, but especially Angela's rugs! Beautiful hooking.
Hugs :)

Nancy said...

Your finished quilt is too wonderful, Gayle. I'm thinking of using big stitches on my stars quilt (whenever I finally get the top finished and get it layered). I like your flowers on it and the variety of wool you used for the stems. Great progress on your rug. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. Thank you for sharing the quilts at HandiQuilter. I think it's interesting that three of the five use snowball-like blocks. The circles in the next-to-last quilt look perfect!
--Nancy. (ndmessier @,

Lori said...

So much beauty to see on your blog today. I adore your little quilt with the big stitch. I always enjoy seeing the hooked rug progress- such a wonderful art.
Looks like a fun day to be inspired!

Kyle said...

Lots of beautiful pieces to look at today. The best part about being in a group is the enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration. I bet that's what you feel every time you all get together. I know I do just from the photos. Your rug is gorgeous. Hope you keep finding the time to continue working on it.

Janet O. said...

I am in love with your little quilt. Great job on the big stitch!
And the rug you are making--beautiful! Where has that one been hiding?
You shared so many lovely hooked projects and quilts that I just enjoyed them all. : )

Lesley said...

Beautiful show and tell, from the wool goodies to the quilts. Love that wool doll!

Three Sheep Studio said...

So many beautiful things to see !!
I really like the big stitches you have done on your quilt. So pretty !
Angela's rug with the vase of flowers is perfection !!

Jennie in GA said...

Thanks for a post chock full of goodness! I especially love your sweet little quilt. And that is a fantastic rug you have picked back up. Lately I have been trying to analyze what made a project become a UFO. It is pretty interesting when you figure it out....usually something crazily trite.

Jeanette Hobbs said...

Love your little quilt too. So fun to see what you are doing.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Your quilt with the appliqué looks fantastic, as does the progress on your rug. It is going to be gorgeous!

Yvonne said...

Your little big stitch quilt turned out very nice!
such wonderful hooking you all do. I hope to get to see some of it soon! The quilts are amazing too, such beautiful colors!

woolwoman said...

love your small quilt Gayle - so awesome and wow I love your UFO rug - keep going you're doing so well and it's a beauty. WOW - the rugs from your group at so beautiful. Yes I did see Tonia's rug - it appeals to me so much I thought about maybe buying the canvas but do I need another canvas stashed - NO NO NO !!!!!!!
Brought home 2 small canvases from rug camp this month. 2 small = 1 medium
Take care Mel

Unknown said...

Your quilt looks wonderful as well as your rug!

Karen said...

Your hooked rug design looks rather intricate. Very pretty. And Angela's rug in progress is so my style. Before enlarging the photo, it looked like it was wool applique.