Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Show & Tell

Yesterday I met with the 1st Tuesday Rug Group and there was some really good show & tell. Several of the gals had recently learned to do needlepunch, so they brought their projects. Jeanette jumped right in with a big design that was so cute in the frame she had. I always love seeing this motif of stacked animals - so whimsical! She was working on a penny rug while we were there but my camera battery died before I could take a picture of it - sorry 'bout that!

Sharon has a real affection for small pebbles, and used one to mount a miniature punched heart onto. I sat next to her for three hours, and totally forgot to get a picture of the project she was working on - she was punching a vintage aqua canning jar with flowers in it - very soft muted colors and so pretty!

And Coralee was punching a floral pattern she found for free on the internet.

Victoria has finished hooking a Halloween rug - you can find the pattern on Tonia's website HERE.

She also showed us an adorable hat that she had knitted with sheep on it.

And she was doing the embroidery for a Crabapple Hill quilt pattern - her stitches are perfection!

Sandy recently got a new dining room table and is making six hooked pads for the chairs. The background wool she is using is so yummy - and we all loved the beaded edge she used.

I'll end with some fun news. Before Christmas I attended a Home Tour and shared pictures with you of a quilter's home that I absolutely loved. I was sad because she wasn't at home that day and I didn't get to meet her. Well, some of you left comments suggesting that I write her a note, so that's just what I did and I included my email address and phone number in case she was interested in contacting me. Imagine my delight when I got an email from her awhile later. We met for lunch a couple weeks ago and struck up a new friendship - we're planning a day of shopping in the near future and I'm really looking forward to it!

I'm busy whipping the edge of my hooked rug and will share a photo in a day or two when it's totally finished.


Sue SA said...

Lovely show and tell, so pleased you sent the note and made a new friend.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks for the show and tell.
So happy you contacted the quilter and have gotten to meet her. What fun.
I look forward to seeing your rug.
Hugs :)

Janet O. said...

Always so many lovely projects among your friends. Talent attracts talent!
I love that woolly hat! : )
How nice that you could make a new friend. Where are you going to go shopping?

Saundra said...

Great show and love the knitted hat with sheep. The needlepunch heart was wonderful and each time I see a needle punch project it makes me want to punch ~ I've all the ingredients. Problem is that Hartman in my hand :~(

Kyle said...

Your stitching friends are so talented and are working on so many wonderful projects. Love all the needle punch, especially that tiny heart. Wow! And the Halloween rug is so super cute. How fun that you've met up with the homeowner that had the wonderful sewing studio. It's interesting how we meet new friends.

WoolenSails said...

It is fun that you can get together and share other projects, I love the idea of multi crafting in a group and learning new things from each other.


annie said...

Wonderful projects, I love your sharing!
Hadn't thought of a pebble used in that way.
So happy you've made a new kindred friend!

Lesley said...

Thanks so much for the show and tel! I love that you were able to meet the owner of the house...sounds like your common interests will go a long way in your new friendship!

acorn hollow said...

wow such talent and great pieces there. Amazing you have found a new creative friend.

Yvonne said...

So much fun to be part of a group with so much talented ladies and making new friends is the best! Have fun!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

You hang out with a group of incredibly talented, creative women! Am so happy to hear you connected with the owner of the house--I see the beginnings of a new friendship.

Lori said...

That's great that you sent a note- there is always room for another friendship. Love seeing show and tell!! What a talented group.

Farm Girl said...

What a fun way to spend the day. I love all of the beautiful things you shared today.
So motivating I would think. I know it makes me want to go jump right in and start hooking. Have a great Thursday.

Karen said...

I have always liked the stacked animal designs. I know there are different ones. I did a design for my bathroom a long time ago where it was a stack of animals in a bathtub. One animal was a pig. I gave the wall hanging away a long time ago.

audrey said...

Thanks for sharing all the great projects. I'm a big fan of the stacked animal motif as well. It's just so classic and always makes me smile.:)

Prims By The Water said...

Great projects/ Loved the stacked animals. Janice

Julia said...

So many nice projects right down to the little rock. I love, love that little sheep hat. Just so adorable and the stacked animals. Everyone is so talented. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful lovely projects.
Have a great weekend. (so sorry I'm running behind. I've been printing my blog posts and it's very time consuming.)

Jennie in GA said...

Always enjoy your show and tell posts. What fun to find a new like-minded friend.