Thursday, October 15, 2015

Home Again

I'm home from attending my brother's wedding in California - it was SO nice to see all of my family and meet the bride's family - a very happy occasion! They seemed to like the quilted table runner I made for their gift, so that made me happy.

Now that our newest grandchild has arrived, I finally got around to making this new piece of wall art using Scrabble game tiles to spell out the names of everyone in my little family. It was a fun project and I did have a bit of help doing it, which makes it even more fun. If/when we have another grand baby I'll just have to start over, and that will be fine with me. Luckily, it fit perfectly into a thrift store frame I had on hand so I just had to paint it. I used Heat & Bond to adhere the fabric background to a sturdy piece of cardboard, the tiles themselves are attached with hot glue, and the book page scallops received a shot of spray adhesive to their backside after I inked the edges a bit. I twisted a strip of burlap to make the flower and added a vintage red button to the center.

Yesterday I attended my monthly meeting of the Salt Lake rug group - it's been two months since we saw each other so it was really nice to catch up on the visiting. Myra's beautiful floral rug is nearly finished - she used a pattern that was originally for an appliqued quilt but adapted beautifully to a hooked rug. I'm sure you would recognize each of the flowers if you could see them up close.      I love it!

Nancy is making this Susan Quicksall design for a new grandchild - just has to work on those borders.

I began a small round rug that I will fill with cat's paw circles - scrappy as usual.

Yvonne was hoping to get the wool applique on this quilt finished quickly, so she could layer it and begin quilting it on a road trip she'll soon be leaving on. It was her first try at using wool for the applique and she's not quite sure if she likes it as much as using cotton needle turn.

I bought myself one of the new Zirkel magnetic pincushions recently. I've used a magnetic one for years now, but this one is extra strong, and the pins hang over the edges in a circle so they're easy to grasp without any fumbling. I worry a little about it grabbing onto my thread snips on occasion, but it's supposed to be okay with the electronic sewing machines. I'll see how I like it after a week or two of use. Have any of you tried one?


Doniene said...

Gayle, I'm always amazed by the beautiful rugs that you and your group make - stunningly gorgeous! I LOVE the Scrabble Letter art work!! I may just have to do that some day!!

Blessings and hugs!

Kyle said...

What a clever idea with the scrabble letters. It makes a perfect family display. Your group always has fantastic rugs. Glad you had a wonderful visit with family at the wedding. It makes for a happy occasion.

Janet O. said...

What a clever design with the Scrabble tiles. I play Scrabble with my Mom each week and we have collected a few crafts with tiles, but never anything that personal and extensive. Love it!
I really like the little project you have going.
I've never seen that particular magnetic pinkeep. I'll be curious to hear what you think of it.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I've been wanting to get a magnetic "pin cushion" for quite a while, but I was always worried about how to grab a pin from the pile of pins ... it sounds like the one you're using has that problem solved. I'm looking forward to how it works for you. And I just LOVE that Scrabble project ... I think I'm going to see about making something like that for my daughter for Christmas!

Julia said...

I love that magnetic pin keep and that wish I had one. I love hooking cats paws as they are so much fun to hook and you can use up left over wool strips. Your friends'a rugs are all nice.

I'm glad that you could visit your family in California. I haven't seen mine is 6 years.
Have a great weekend.

Farm Girl said...

You have been busy. I love those rugs, and your cats paw looks wonderful. How nice your grandson has arrived. I like what you made. You are so creative.

Cheryl said...

Always love the hooked rugs! And I may have to steal your scrabble tile idea.

annie said...

Love that scrabble project!
The rugs are always so great.
Congrats on the new baby, and to the happy couple.

Yvonne said...

You group makes such amazing things! What an unique scrabble tile you have made! Such a great memorie!
Glad you had a wonderful time in California, such family reunions are so special!

Lori said...

What a fun tile project and so easy! I love the string quilt with applique.