Sunday, February 1, 2015


I made two new projects over the last couple of days. First up was a fabric cover for a regular old composition book you can buy anywhere for a dollar or so. I fussy cut some heart & hand motifs from a piece of fabric I had in my stash,  and centered them in three square-in-a-square blocks. I made this to take to church with me each week so I can jot down notes about the lessons and talks that I hear - then I can re-read them later to think more about what I learned.

Yesterday was a meeting of the Utah Rug & Fiber Guild. Jennifer graciously shared a design with the group for a cute little Valentine flower pillow. I got all the hooking done before the end of the meeting, then stitched it together and stuffed it that evening.

I still want to add the cute loops around the edge like Jennifer did below, but I didn't have any beads in my stash so need to buy some one day soon.

So fun to have a quick couple of projects to do!


Karen said...

Sweet Valentine heart. I am in the mood for Valentine projects.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Nice finishes--the heart is that a valentine for your sweetie?

Rugs and Pugs said...

What fun finishes.
Hugs :)

Julia said...

I love the cute heart and the loops around really adds a little something special.

The book cover is a great idea. It really makes your book stand out and no chance of misplacing it somewhere.

Take care, Hugs,

Janet O. said...

Very clever cover for your church notebook. I really like it.
That is such a fun heart design. The loops and beads are a nice finishing touch. So pretty!

Yvonne said...

How sweet your heart, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Amy McPheeters said...

All the ladies at church are gonna want one of those book covers!

Kyle said...

Super cute projects. It's nice to do some things that don't take forever and that you can enjoy right away.

audrey said...

LOVE that pillow especially. Very sweet with those loops.:)

annie said...

loved them both, but esp. the heart!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I love the hooked heart--adorable! Those tiny hearts in hands are pretty cute too --such fun little projects!

The Wool Cupboard said...

Gayle, both of your projects are wonderful! LOVE
the pretty hanging heart.

Lori said...

Both of them pretty and perfect for February.

av女優 said...