Monday, January 26, 2015

Miniature Quilts

I only subscribe to one quilt magazine now, but I was looking through some others at Barnes and Nobel the other day when I saw an advertisement for a website that I had to check out when I got home to my computer. This gal makes and sells some amazing miniature quilts - and if you can't afford one of those you can buy a print or a note card with a picture of one of them. Thought some of you would enjoy looking at the work on her site. Wish she had a blog so we could visit with her and maybe see the process she goes through to make these small quilts that measure 8" x 8" finished. Website is here - Nine Patch Studio.

In another magazine I saw an advertisement for a Mini Madness Quilt Along on McCall's Quilting's website. Supposedly they will be sharing instructions for making several small quilt starting on March 13th, but after checking it looks like some are already up? They're supposed to be available for free during the first week, and after that you have to pay to access them, so it sounds like a good deal - some of them are quite cute! Website is here.

 Miniature quilts were in vogue several years ago and maybe they're making a comeback? Fun!


annie said...

I love minis! They're very appealing, that fist one is just amazing!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Love minis--require skill and not very forgiving with mistakes

Janet O. said...

I like to browse Nine Patch Studio now and then. Amazing stuff!
I didn't know about the McCall's QAL. Don't know if it will be a good thing for me to look into that. My resolve may crumble! : )

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I love miniatures! I'm not sure why I haven't made more ... after all, I do enjoy paper piecing.

When I checked out the McCall's QAL website, it looks like they're on lesson #7 already.

Kristie said...

I love minis but I don't have the patience to work with such tiny pieces. :)

Three Sheep Studio said...

Thanks for sharing, Gayle. They look wonderful !

Kyle said...

I love minis too. I just never take the time to make them. And besides they require a very specific skill set, like accuracy and patience, which I sometimes lack. Have fun!

Julia said...

Thanks for the link Gayle. These ate really art works.
The mini quilts are awesome. I bet she must have to be very focused to sew those tiny pieces. I can't imagine having to work on such tiny pieces. Her work is just perfect and it must also take a lot of time, no wonder the high prices.

The storm has found usand it's not nice outside.

Karen said...

Wow! Amazing miniature quilts. Not in my budget to purchase but any of them would make a wonderful display piece.