Thursday, January 9, 2014

Twice as Nice

I meet monthly with two different rug groups. One meets on the 1st Tuesday, and the other on the 2nd Wednesday. Usually these are a week apart, but sometimes the calendar arranges it just so and they fall on back-to-back days. That's what happened this week, so I've been busy driving to and fro to enjoy hooking with friends. Here is some show & tell from both meetings.

On Tuesday, Sandy brought this astounding heart that she received for a Christmas gift. It was made by her granddaughter and is made from a thrift store book with the pages folded to form a heart in the center. I am in LOVE with this book and have searched online for a tutorial on how to make one for myself with no luck - SOB! If any of you have better luck at finding instructions would you please let me know? I'd like to get it done by Valentine's Day. I found some on Etsy for big bucks, but would prefer to make one myself.

Tonia is already thinking Spring and was working on this original design showing a mother hen harvesting colored eggs from trees. I'm sure she'll have it finished for our meeting next month and I can't wait to see it!

Sharon finished stitching down the edge of the rug she started in the Maggie B workshop we took a few months ago. This is done with wide cut (torn) strips and the background is my favorite part.

Eileen brought this sweet Nativity that she had made for Christmas - made with wool roving and a felting needle - it's small! Eileen is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to rug hooking, knitting, weaving, spinning, felting, & crocheting. So glad she's my friend and is willing to help and answer questions from anyone.

On Wednesday, we got to see Nancy's finished tree rug - if you look closely on the left side you can see a wonderful flower with a spiral in it that is done with a special hand dyed wool that changes colors - a great detail on this rug.

This is what she's working on now - a vintage design she found in one of her old rug hooking books - lots of color and interest in this one.

Tomorrow I am taking a workshop with Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts at my LQS. I got all my prep work done last week and I'm raring to go make this quilt. (I'm switching the position of the light and dark fabrics and I sure hope it'll turn out okay).

 In the meantime, I saw a great project that Jo was working on and it really caught my attention. She blogs at Ramblin' Rows.

I decided to make my own version, but much much smaller. Here's my start on the design wall - little 3" blocks using Civil War reproduction fabrics - 

I think today's snow has finally accumulated enough that I need to go out and shovel the driveway now. Hoping there are no neighbors out there with their noisy snow blowers to disturb the peaceful quiet that I always enjoy when I do this......


Janet O. said...

That explains the rug groups two days in a row.
I LOVE Tonia's Spring design--so cute.
What a great little nativity.
So does that mean you are switching the position of the red and blue, or the cream and blue? I wanted to do mine scrappy, but Pam wasn't very encouraging on that idea. : )
Can't wait to meet up tomorrow!
Around here (in farm country) it is the tractors moving snow that interrupt my peaceful shoveling.

Lesley said...

Great show and tell! Love Pam's are going to have so much fun making that one!

Saundra said...

Love the heart and Tonia's Spring Chicks design. I'm guessing that if you drew a heart out on the outside edge of a book and followed that line for the fold it would do the trick. Go to the thrift shop and pick up a book and give it a try.

Good luck.


Lori said...

3" blocks?! Wow! Nice work. I always enjoy seeing the hooked rugs, such lovely works of art.
I hope you got your peace while shoveling snow.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

That book is fabulous! I am sure you could figure it out! The show and share was great! Love your civil war fabric quilt blocks!

audrey said...

I love that book made to look like a heart--fabulous! Always so fun to see the rugs and wips. Thanks for a great link too. Always fun to find a new blog!

Karen said...

The chicks are so cute!

Mimi Sue said...

Such fabulous projects. You girls are talented! I've been to a wedding in that exact barn! In West Kaysville or Farmington, right? Such a great spot. Mimi

Three Sheep Studio said...

Beautiful projects Gayle.
You are so fortunate to have two great groups to share with each month !
I love shoveling snow in the quiet and laughed when I read you comment ! Sometimes those snowblowers are reving up at 6 a.m. in our neighborhood.

Yvonne said...

The different rugs are beautiful, and I love the quilt you startend with those civil war fabric. And a next one to start with will keep you busy this winter!

Me and My Stitches said...

Oh wow! I always look forward to these posts! Just love all of the beautiful rugs, but my favorite is the tree rug - love that spiral flower - how cool! Have a great time at the classes this weekend!

Kyle said...

Always an awesome show and tell from your rug hookers. Those little chicks are too cute!

Raymond Homestead said...

The book is so cool! Lot's of neat projects!

sandyz said...

If you do pinterest go into book craft and it shows the folded heart book.

Doniene said...

Wow! I loved the whole post!! The book is amazing - such a great idea - hope you learn how - and then tell us!!

As usual, the rugs are fantastic!

I love your little quilts!!! Hope your day with Pam was great! Wish I could have been there!!