Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January Rug Group

Sandy has been producing rugs like crazy the last few weeks. This is one that she brought for show & tell yesterday - a free pattern available in a recent issue of RHM. When I saw it in the magazine, I thought I might want to make one myself. After seeing her's, I know I want to make one - it's delightful!

She finished the shape rug for her granddaughter's little stool - - - 

- - - and has started working on this new floral - - - 

Jeanette is making this little rabbit rug - pattern available in Create & Decorate magazine.

Victoria has started a 'Back Door' rug - I really like the half circle shape of it.

Sharon drew this fun rug with a wonky log cabin and some chickens milling about in the yard.

And this is my project - it's going to be a little tree skirt for one of the wooly feather trees that I made a couple years ago.


annie said...

those are all just great,I esp. like the half slice one. hope to see the first when you make it too, love the old world feel of that!

Janet O. said...

Great rugs, Gayle. I especially like the cabin and chickens.
And thank you for remembering to show us what you are doing! Looks like a great little tree skirt.

Nedra said...

A lot of fun ideas coming out of your rug group. I'm so glad you still get together with Victoria. Tell her I say hello next time you see her.

Julia said...

Gail Your friend sure has been productive. She puts me to shame. I like all the rugs but I think that the half circle is my favourite too.

What a great idea to hook a tree skirt for your feather tree. It will look lovely. I would love to see the finished tree skirt when you're done.


Kyle said...

It's fun to see everyone's projects. It's inspiring to be in a productive group! You'll definitely be ahead next year with your tree skirt.

Yvonne said...

Looking at all that beautiful work I think I will get tempted to buy some 'hook work' at our next visit to the States!

Me and My Stitches said...

Every time I see your show and tells it makes me want to learn how to do this! Love your idea for the little tree skirt.

Debra said...

They are all going to be wimderful!!