Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rug Group

I attended the December meeting of my rug group a few weeks ago - we all brought goodies to share for a brunch - mmmm....... and we also exchanged white elephant gifts - why didn't I think to take pictures of those? 

There was some great show & tell. Tonia enjoyed the spotlight by bringing this beautiful rug that she's finished hooking. She started the crocheted edge while we sat & visited. It's a Tree of Life design and is absolutely spectacular. The light outlining around the tree just makes it glow against the dark background - BEAUTIFUL!

And Sharon started the crocheted edge on this small floral mat she made - her colors are always so drab and primitive - she's got great taste!

Angela was working on a small chair mat with a house & some trees - it's so cute.

Sandy started this today - a little mat to put on her granddaughter's stool - she's just two years old and it'll be fun for her to learn her shapes by seeing this rug.

Maryann joined us for the very first time and was working on this kit with a bird & tree that she got from Angela  - looks like we've got us a new member - yay!

As always, it was great to visit with all the gals!


Julia said...

I love that Tree of Life rug. It's spectacular and the colors are beautiful. The other rugs are also beautiful.


Barb said...

I have not seen that Tree of LIfe but I should show you the Tree of Life I am working on..very similar...Love all of your rug hooking.

Janet O. said...

That tree of life rug is gorgeous!
How much snow did you get in your neck of the woods?

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your get-together. Wow is all I can say about Sharon's piece - my colors exactly! Does she have a blog too? Happy New Year. ~Ann

Three Sheep Studio said...

Beautiful Rugs in lovely color combos. ;)
Thanks for sharing.
Happy New Year to you !

annie said...

those are all terrific projects!

Yvonne said...

That looks so great Gayle! I love those rugs! and it is so much fun to gather and work on your projects isn't it? Have a happy new year!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Gayle ~
Good to hear from you!
Happy New Year.
Hugs :)

jody said...

gosh seems like forever since i have checked in! love the rugs in the post its inspiring. im putting christmas away so i can get busy! enjoy your evening!

Cammie said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful rugs. I agree with the others, love the Tree of Life!

Bev said...

Hi Gayle! I can't email you on Blogger because they use Outlook and the work stuff on my computer for my real job won't let me use Outlook. This is about the ruler. Email me your regular email addy at and I'll send you a picture. :)

Cheery wave!


Bev said...'s the link to buy the ruler:

I have the 9 degree circle wedge ruler but you can get a cheaper 14" or 18".

Hope that helps!


Laura said...

A lot of talent in one room! They are all wonderful.