Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lovely Day of Rug Hooking

Today was our monthly rug hooking meeting. We met at my friend Kay's wonderful primitive home where I took lots of pictures to share, but today I'm just going to share rug pictures, so get ready for a treat!

This first rug is one that Sharon has just begun. We met at her house last month and you can see pictures of that day in a previous post. Sharon's husband is a watercolor artist and she decided to turn one of his paintings into a rug. So far it looks fantastic. She's hooking in a #6 for the first time and says it took some getting used to. Those trees look so real!
Marliss is new to hooking, and is working on this cute kit that is her first project. I love the colors that she's using! The center of the star will be filled in with dark wools so it will really pop against the brights.

Victoria is making progress on her log cabin rug. I love the way you can see the chinking between the logs. After she had hooked for awhile, she switched to knitting and worked on a sweater for her little grandson - sigh - such talent! I can't understand how a person can keep track of 4 needles at the same time!

Marilyn is working on a Deanne Fitzpatrick design she got when she was in Nova Scotia a few years ago and got to visit her studio. The water is done so well - you can really see movement in the waves.
Angela brought this finished rug to show, because Michelle is working on the exact same one and wanted to see where the colors were placed.
Here is Kay's current rug - a spinning wheel that she wanted to do after reading a recent article about them in Early American Homes. As usual, her husband drew the design for her and it's going to be marvelous!

Here are pictures of Kay's other rugs that she has in her home. Most were designed by her husband and have a personal significance to the couple of either a place they have visited, or an event that they want to remember. She loves to add words to her rugs to add meaning too.

Tomorrow I'll share pictures of Kay's home - it's a small historic home, and she has squeezed SO much primitive goodness into every nook and cranny - you'll love it!


Kimberly said...

SO inspiring!! I love them all!

Nedra said...

What a great rug hooking group. I love the trees! You are right, they look so real.

Mimi Sue said...

I hadn't realized Kay had done so many until you showed them all together. They're spread out through her house and there didn't seem like so many. She does have a talent. Looks like you guys had fun. Mimi

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

WOW! What talent! I really enjoyed seeing these and look forward to reading your next post!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Gayle, you sure had a variety of rugs to be around! Such lovely eye candy... thanks for sharing. Will be checking back to see what your friends home looks like. Really like the border line of trees, she is doing a wonderful job.

Doris said...

Gayle - what a treat to see so many nice rugs and all in one place! I look forward to seeing the house. Thanks for sharing.

Pamela said...

Hi Gayle, so glad you stopped by! I love the rug with the girl at the washing machine! Oh, my mom has one of those machine in her house and I love it. Have fun at in Springville.

Unknown said...

Boy, you have some great hooker friends! Thanks for posting the great pics for all of us to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

all are awesome... great work
thanks for sharing...

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