Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kay's Prim Home Tour

Okay - Here are the pictures of Kay's historic home that I promised yesterday. It's old (by Utah standards) and small and packed to the gills with primitive goodness. Here is the front of the house - I love the colors, and the roof line, and the curved door.

Here is the doorway to the building behind the house that is Lorin's art studio. Lorin does oil paintings, watercolors, and he also does some wood carving. It's kinda cool that he uses this building for a studio, because a previous owner did also - LeConte Stewart was a famous area artist.

This is the barn covered in climbing morning glories - unfortunately most of the flowers had closed by the time our meeting started, but I know they're gorgeous when all the blooms are open first thing in the morning.
OK - let's go inside. We'll start in the living room.

This is a needlepoint picture that Kay did after she asked Lorin to design it. It depicts the historic neighborhood that they live in - the small yellow house in the top middle is their home.

The kitchen.

Dining room - Kay used to insist on buying ONLY antiques, but has relented a bit in recent years when she finds really good reproductions - like this cupboard.

The Americana/Guest Room/Schoolhouse

And I think her laundry room is my favorite room in the whole house.

As you can see, Kay loves old childhood toys - she collects toy sewing machines, toy washing machines, toy ironing boards, toy irons, and vintage textiles - OH - and I didn't take any pictures of her china head dolls - she has several - the smallest is about 3" tall.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. I've visited Kay & her home dozens of times, and never get tired of seeing it! She's very talented and has a real eye for putting things in 'just the right place'!


Nedra said...

Looks just like your kind of place! Thanks for the tour.

Jen said...

Wow, she has some neat stuff!

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Loved the home tour. She has some fascinating pieces!!

And I enjoyed all the rug pics from the previous post too!

hugs, Linda

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

WOW! I love her home! So much to see and just wonderful! Thanks for showing it to us. Please tell her how much all of us are enjoying it.


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Definitely filled to the max! Lovely pic's. So sweet! Thanks for sharing.. So much to look at!

weaverpat said...

Thank you, Gayle, for providing the wonderful house tour! What a delightful place. It reminds me of the places Country Living magazine USED to feature back in the days when they were really primitive.

Mimi Sue said...

Isn't her house the cutest? I'm so glad we're friends and live just down the street from her. It's so fun. I just called her and told her I'm coming down tomorrow morning and get her on the internet so she can look at blogs. Wish me luck. Mimi

Anonymous said...

What a great tour and amazing collections. Thanks for sharing, it was fun!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like another fantastic block is brewing! Always fun to visit here!
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