Thursday, June 1, 2017


A week ago I spent the day with two of my good friends and we took the 90 minute drive to visit the Spiral Jetty on the north end of the Great Salt Lake. They had never been there before, and I'd only been once before about 25 years ago, so we were all looking forward to it. We stopped at Subway and got sandwiches & salads for our lunch, then sat in the dirt parking lot on lawn chairs and enjoyed the view after walking the spiral and hiking the overlook. Fun day! (I wore a quilty shirt!) If you Google Spiral Jetty you can see more photos and learn about the artist and the history of the installation - it's kind of interesting. People come from all over the world to see this, and yet very few local people even know it exists!

Also last week, I won my friend Janet's blog giveaway (Rogue Quilter) and the goodies arrived in the mail yesterday. Her handmade soaps are SO luxurious - love using them in the shower. The little thread snips will be great for both machine work and hand work so they'll be used a lot. And what quilter doesn't enjoy receiving new fabrics? The little Dresden pincushion is perfection itself! Thanks for your generosity Janet!

When I packed up my studio to move to the new house, I discovered some vintage fabrics I had forgotten all about. This small piece of cheddar & purple really caught my eye - it was shaped irregularly - maybe a fat quarter in size - and I loved the colors.

Janet had just shared a free pattern available on the Henry Glass website and I thought it was cute.

After I chose some coordinating fabrics from my stash, I decided to try making it.

This is what I had leftover, and I had to piece together small bits for one of the alternate blocks - I felt very 'make-do' in my efforts. The largest piece is probably 2" across.

The top is all finished - and just this minute I noticed that two of the blocks are turned the wrong way. ARGH! Guess I'll get my seam ripper out..... The finished size is 23" x 29".

A bit of a close-up shot below - a totally different feel than the original design by Stacy West!

I'm so thankful for friends and their influence and contributions to my life!


Janet O. said...

I have never been to the spiral jetty. Now I am interested in checking it out.
Your little purple/cheddar quilt is wonderful, Gayle. I have been toying with the idea of dropping everything and making it, and you already have it put together! The fabrics are perfect. That color combo is a winner, in my book!
I am so glad we have had the opportunity to become friends through blogging. It is always a treat when we are able to get together.

Nancy said...

I remember learning about Spiral Jetty in a sculpture class years ago but I've never visited. Were you able to walk on the spiral and, if so, were two or three of you able to walk side-by-side?

Your new quilt is wonderful and how fun that you found that piece of vintage fabric while you were packing. I didn't notice the blocks turned sideways until you mentioned them (just in case that's encouragement to leave them...). I've had trouble deciding just exactly which fabrics are cheddar in color until recently. I bought a piece that I thought was on the gold side. After I washed and pressed it I realized it was just the color of cheddar cheese. Now I know!

WoolenSails said...

I haven't been out west yet, someday we hope to do more traveling.
Love the fabric and how you used it in the quilt, that is beautiful.


Yvonne said...

Never heard of the Jetty Spiral, it looks awsome! Another reason to return to Utah!
What a great give away you have won! So happy for you. And the little quilt you made is lovely, cute colors. Looks like you had a fun and busy week enjoying friendship and quilting!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Friends--they are with us during the good times and not so good times, they wipe tears and share belly laughs. Your quilt turned out beautiful--great fun to rediscover lost stash treasures.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your little quilt is so sweet. If you hadn't pointed the errors out, I never would have noticed!
Happy June :)

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Interesting! My sister lived in Salt Lake City for 2 years and I have never heard of the Jetty Spiral. Thanks for sharing it. Lucky you to win Janet's giveaway! I love her soap!! Your little quilt is adorable. My favorite colors!

Sue SA said...

Great mini, love your colour choices.

Kyle said...

Spending time with your friends is a lovely way to spend the day and create happy memories. Well, now I'm going to have to print out that cute little pattern designed by Stacy W. Your fabric choices are delightful especially with the vintage piece. Cheddar and purple...fantastic!

Sandy said...

I'd never heard of the spiral jetty either. But then I've never been to Salt Lake. Good thing its on the lake, out here on the West Coast, that beautiful spiral would never make it through our winter storms!

Great use of your "found fabric", Gayle! I love your sense of color.

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Amy @ DoodleDog Designs said...

The spiral jetty looks very interesting! Sounds like a fun trip. said...

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