Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Show & Tell

The quilt I made from my dad's shirts is all finished except for the label and I can't quite figure out what it should say. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Here's a picture of it - finished size is 50" x 60". Hope to get it in the mail to his wife very soon.

I used the remaining fabrics to piece together a panel large enough to use on the back of the quilt, so it's as busy as the front.

I incorporated the labels on the back just for a bit of interest.

I'm missing my monthly meeting with the Salt Lake rug group today - DD#2 & her hubby are in Cancun and I have their two little munchkins keeping me company. But here are some pictures of the group I met with last week. Coralee is working on a rug depicting the Pacific seashore she visited recently - kinda fun to preserve a memory this way.

The surfboard was interesting - she added tiny bits of dyed nylon here and there between the rows of hooking to add color and texture - amazing what an impact it has on the rug.

Sandy is also doing an ocean themed rug - this started as a punch needle pattern that she enlarged.

I just realized there were a lot of water lovers at this meeting as Marliss' mermaid rug is coming along nicely - I love the color she added with the coral.

Jeanette is doing a small sheep rug - we all love those, right?

Sharon's version of Lori Brechlin's Lancaster Barnyard pattern is awesome - she is really good at hooking in the anti-godlin style - as seen in the bird on the right. I love her colors.

Marliss showed us this shelf her hubby had just made of reclaimed lumber and some old hooks - it's available for purchase! Talent just seems to run in her family!

It was a really nice get together. I enjoyed seeing everyone since I missed last month.


Janet O. said...

Look at you go! The quilt from my Dad's shirts is still just blocks on the design wall. This looks really good, Gayle. How fun that you pieced the back and added the shirt labels. You are so much more ambitious than I am!!
I have been pondering the label thing. I'll email you what I have been thinking.
What does it say when so many of a group of land-locked women choose an ocean theme for their rugs? : )

Sue SA said...

Great whale and mermaid! Hmmmm labels are hard especially when personal. I tend to put the facts, made by xxx for xxx from xxx shirts, as a celebration of his life (dates) and how much he was loved by us both. Date xxx quilt finished.

annie said...

I loved your quilt!
Just beautiful!
I have seen slogans and labels on Pinterest for these type of memories!
You might want to search there.
Loved all those rugs.
Rugs like that amaze me.
I tried it, but could never stop the loops from pulling out.
I gave it up.

kelley said...

What a wonderful quilt, front and back...had to look up anti-godlin, never heard that expression before...thanks for helping me learn something new...

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

How clever to add the labels from the shirts--nice touch. You hang with some wonderfully creative hookers.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I had to look up anti-godlin, too :)
What a wonderful quilt filled with memories. So very thoughtful of you.
I enjoyed seeing all the WIPs.
Hugs :)

WoolenSails said...

I love how the quilt came out and a beautiful memory of him for his wife.
I usually look online for quotes I can add for comfort pieces.


Unknown said...

The quilt is beautiful! Sorry I can't think of something for you to say😕.

Yvonne said...

What a great memory quilt, love,love what you did with the shirts and labels. So much fun to have the grandkids for a while, exhausting but fun! Enjoy!

acorn hollow said...

Love your quilt. you always have so much to show when you post

Kyle said...

Your quilt will be a wonderful memory quilt. I hope you enough leftover pieces to make something for yourself as well. The shirt labels are a cute touch. Both the front and The back are charming. I've been watching a granddaughter for a few days, fun but I'm tired! :0)

Me and My Stitches said...

The quilt turned out great, and I love that you put some of the labels on the back - great idea. Also like that you pieced the back. I hope that she likes the quilt and that it brings her comfort. As always, it's fun to see all of the hooked rugs. I am now the proud owner of 2 little hooked rugs - will post about them one of these days!

Lori said...

Love the quilt made from your dad's shirts. I hope by now you found something appropriate for the label.
How fun to be watching the kids!

Kristie said...

What a precious quilt made from your dad's shirts. Love the back as well.I am always amazed by your rug hooking.