Friday, May 20, 2016

Back in Business!

I was unable to find my missing camera - figured as soon as I got a new one it would show up - isn't that how it usually works? Well, I ordered one from Amazon and it arrived yesterday, but still no sign of the old one so maybe it's gone for good. (sigh) Anyway, it feels good to know I can share my projects with my blogging friends again.

Took me four days from start to finish to make this Double Wedding Ring quilt using a Mini Quick Curve Ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful. It's far from perfect and was a very labor intensive project but I'm happy with the finish.  The gals who design these rulers are definitely in the Modern Quilt camp of quilting, but I think with the colors and fabrics I chose it ended up being very traditional looking.

The pattern showed 12 blocks but I pared it down to only nine. Shrunk quite a bit when I washed it since it measured 33" square before and 30" square after. I plan to make a much larger version of this to fit my queen size bed eventually and it will look very similar.

Amazingly, I even added a label to it!

I've also spent quite a bit of time hooking a new Americana rug and it's coming along nicely.

I had originally intended to finish it by Memorial Day, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen now.

I saw this antique rug on Pinterest and that was the inspiration for making my version which is the same, but different!

I think my favorite part of this is the blue background behind the stars and believe it or not that is a single piece of plaid fabric that used to be a Pendleton shirt from the thrift store!

I've also been doing a bit of upholstery-type sewing which I hope to have before & after pictures of soon.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with a long-distance blogging friend Yvonne, from Holland. She arrived in Utah with six friends to attend International Quilt Market and made time to visit with Clydene & I at Clydene's house. Such a nice group of gals - I know they're going to enjoy their visit here. Yvonne has visited here many, many times and has a huge circle of friends in the States. I love reading her blog entries to see my part of the world through her eyes. Her first entry for this trip is published here and I'm sure there will be many more over the next few days until they leave for home from Las Vegas. After you see pictures of Clydene's home here you will understand why they wanted a tour!  Shockingly, I didn't take a single picture of us so this drawing will have to represent the occasion - I felt so bad!!!!!


Karen said...

Your wedding ring quilt looks good. I have made maybe four of them but not in any quick method. They aren't the easiest to make regardless of the method.

Sue SA said...

I love wedding ring quilts and I have that ruler, so seeing yours finished is very inspiring!! Now I just need to go buy the pattern ;) Love seeing your rugs, they have such nice texture and I love how you replicated an old pattern. Thanks for the links had a bit of fun following those.

Nancy said...

Hooray for a new camera, Gayle! I think your Wedding Ring quilt does look vintage because of the colors. It's wonderful. I have one made by my great-grandmother but have never made one myself. They look very labor intensive, especially with the curves.

--Nancy. (ndmessier @,

Janet O. said...

Too bad about the camera, but I am glad you are back in business.
Now I wonder if I should have purchased that ruler from Jenny's booth at HMQS--no, I don't need another project, but I love how your quilt turned out. You succeeded in creating a more vintage look with their very modern tool. : )
Oh, what a great r/w/b project you are creating. Same, but different. Cute.
Can't wait to see the upholstery project--is it a patchwork chair?
Need to go check out your links now. There are SO many people coming to SLC for market that I would have loved to have the chance to meet. I'm happy for you that you were able to work out such a meeting!

Lesley said...

Your little quilt is stunning! Your rug is going to be so beautiful. Love the idea of recreating the vintage one in those blues from the shirt.

WoolenSails said...

That is a beautiful quilt and a beautiful rug in the making.


Saimi said...

Wow!!! Such a impressive wedding ring quilt! It would be all I could do to even attempt to make such a fine quilt and you want to make a queen size?....yep, quite the quilter you are. Your rug hooking skills are also impressive I love each of your projects Gayle and so glad you are back to posting.

Have a great weekend

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

So happy you're back! Your double wedding ring looks beautiful--I understand about the labor intensive part! Love repurposed wool and yours looks great in the rug (interest has some great ideas)

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I just love your DWR ... especially that gingham background fabric. Yum! Yes, your quilt looks very traditional, which is my preference as well.

Kyle said...

Glad you got a new camera. Hope you had downloaded everything from the old one. A friend just used that ruler and it does make a fast finish. Your DWR turned out great. I like the 4 pieced connectors. Your rug is stunning and shouts out Americana. What a wonderful Pendleton shirt to create that awesome background. So glad you got to meet up with new friends. I got to do the same thing recently and it was so much fun

Lori said...

Nice job on the wedding ring quilt! I like seeing the fabric you used. Love your hooked rug too, Gayle!!

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