Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hooked Rugs & Wool

My friend Clydene, who blogs at Skunk Hollow, bought a small ranch a couple years ago and she has fallen madly in love with her chickens. I decided to hook her a chicken rug to celebrate her new passion. It took me a little over a week to make and I delivered it to her recently. I think she liked it!

I used a pattern that was made available to me as a member of Lori's Facebook Group - The Out of Hand Rug Hookers - a few months ago.

Added a border around the center oval and included a few scrappy tongues on the edges.  The finished size is about 19" x 24". Not too big and not too small.

Last week I met with the Salt Lake group of rug hookers. Nancy had made progress on the runner she is making for the top of her little telephone table. The purple/pink section will be the center of the rug and it will be symetrical on either end. Unusual for her to not have any red in her rug since that's her favorite color! I think these dark pastels are so great for a primitive spring rug.

Myra's pumpkin is coming along nicely - she has plans to hook the leaves in gorgeous fall colors of orange, red, yellow & purple.

I also had my 1st Tuesday group meeting and there was some great show & tell there. Coralee is working on this floral with a wonderful eggplant purple background.

She showed us the results of a dye session she had recently done - this is her confetti dyeing.....

....and this is what she got by dyeing with avacado pits. Not a great photo, but the color is kind of fleshy toned.

Tonia was working on a new rug - she was inspired by a vintage piece of carved wood - can't remember what it was exactly, but it's going to be gorgeous.

Here a little more detail on one of the birds. Go check out her blog to see a great makeover she did on a thrift store recipe box combined with paint and punch needle - awesome!

Marliss is making great progress on this Sharon Smith design inspired by Aboriginal Australian Art.

And Michelle showed us a Maggie B bee skep she has been working on.

As always - I totally enjoyed meeting with these two group of gals to talk & hook & visit & eat for a few hours. I'm thankful that they allow me to share their work here on my blog so you can enjoy seeing what we're doing here in Utah.


Julia said...

Gayle, your friend with the chickens will love her chicken rug gift. Thanks for giving the dimensions. I had the impression it was much smaller. It's always hard to tell with a picture. Thanks for showing all the nice projects your friends are working on. Such nice work. I love, love that rug inspired by a wood carving. Such beautiful colors and I did visit her design blog. They are just amazingly beautiful. Such a great designer.
Have a great week.

Rugs and Pugs said...

That chicken rug is just FUN! I love how you framed it with the scalloped oval and tongues. I'm sure your friend loved it.
Hugs :)

Saundra said...

She will be very happy with the gift you hooked I'm sure, love what you hooked and sure she will too. Wow, lots of beautiful hooking projects going on..oh, and the Maggie B applique. All quite nice.

Thanks for reminding me about the dye pots. It's been a while since I pulled them out and since it is rainy and chilly for the next couple days maybe I'll pull them out. Have never dyed with avocado pits and might have to give that a try. Enjoyed your post.

Lori said...

The chicken rug is SO cute! I bet she loved it. The other pieces are so beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing this awesome talent with your blog readers.

Janet O. said...

Your chicken rug just makes me grin! Love it!
Always fun to see what the gals in your groups are creating. They are all great, but I have to say I think Tonia's project is pretty incredible.
Thanks for the show and share. : )

Yvonne said...

You are all so talented! So much fun to gather and share your passion! I love the perfect chicken rug you made for Clydene. I am sure she does too!

Cheryl said...

Nothing better than a sewing bee, especially if there is food! Beautiful work.

Sue SA said...

Wow, just beautiful work by everyone. The pumpkins and chook were my favorite, such great colours. Thank you for sharing the talented works your friends make.

Kyle said...

What a charming prim chicken mat. You're so talented to design and hook these original mats. The colors you used are warm and natural. And your group's projects continue to be beautiful done. It's inspiring to hang out with talented friends.

Sylvia said...

The chicken rug is so darn cute! You are a good friend. Thank you for all the eye candy.

Jennie in GA said...

That chicken rug is too darned cute...lucky friend.

whitey said...

Yes I am the lucky one !! Everyone that has come to visit I show it off. I know the time it takes to make these. Gayle tried to show me how to do it and I tried then I got frustrated and she finished it for me (wonder if I could get you to finish all my unfinished quilts?)