Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rugs in Progress

At rug group last week I think nearly eveRyone was working on new rugs - here are pictures of what was there - quite a variety!

This is the second time Sharon has hooked this design - first one was for her - this one is for her daughter.

Jeanette bought a penny rug pattern that had three designs for Christmas stockings - she combined all of them and is hooking it as a single mat. She'll be moved into her new home for the holidays so this will be a nice addition.

Sandy just started a wonderful witch - she's hooking lightning bolts on the witch's dress and she'll have a green face!

Kim drew this design herself and is hooking all around the love birds cuz she's having a hard time deciding on what color to make the birds.

Tonia started a tree skirt for one of the wool feather trees that she has made - the mat measures about 15" across and shows a village of houses on snowy hills with a dark night sky in the middle. I really need .make a little skirt for my feather tree too! If I started now I could have it done for Christmas, right?
Marliss is hooking a fish that is a Polly Minick design - but her colors are much, much different than the ones Polly hooked.


Janet O. said...

Always fun to see the beautiful projects everyone is making. What are you doing? : )

Cammie said...

It is always fun to see what people are working on! Thanks for sharing!

Julia said...

I can see why sharon is hooking this rug for the second time. It's my favorite. She's doing a great job and I love the colors. Were you hooking something too?


Raymond Homestead said...

I always love to see all the different rugs!

Cathy G. said...

Thank-you for getting some pics of these fun rugs in progress! I like seeing the beginning of a rug as well as the finish! Nice patterns!
Cathy G

Diane said...

love seeing all those works in progress! thanks for sharing the eye candy!

Holly said...

All of these projects are wonderful. What a fun group!
Do you buy patterns? make them up?
So fun to see!