Friday, October 12, 2012

More Rugs

Yesterday I met with the Salt Lake Rug Group and got a few pictures of rugs there. Our numbers were few, but the conversation was good and so were the rugs.

Myra finished hooking the center of this woodsy rug she is making as a gift for her cousin. She thinks the border will be hooked to look like a wood picture frame. I absolutely LOVE the way she hooked the ground, and the trees, and the sky on this piece - it's awesome!

Last month at our Hook-In, we learned how to do a crocheted edge on our rugs, and Myra used that technique to finish off an Easter rug that was ready and waiting to be bound. She did it hit & miss using all the same colors that were used in the rug itself - Great job!

And Nancy's crow rug will be done in plenty of time for Halloween. The green and purple that she added to this really make it spark!

I haven't shared pictures of the project I'm working yet on because I need to learn how to crop my photos before I show bits and pieces of it as it progresses - stay tuned!


Julia said...

Hi Gayle, I love the bear in the wood and the Halloween crow rugs. I'm with Cathy of Orange Sink and love seeing the beginning and the finish of a rug.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you are working on.
Have a great weekend.

Janet O. said...

Mmm, love that woodsy rug! Very cool. Always amazes me what can be done in this art form. Still want to see what YOU are doing--cropped or not! : )

~Niki~ said...

nice! have a great weekend!