Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rug Group

On Tuesday I went to hook with the Salt Lake rug group. There were only four of us this month, but we still enjoyed visiting and seeing each other's projects. Myra told us about her recent trip to Ireland & Finland.

Nancy has finished her patriotic rug - I like the way she brought in some more colors in the border treatment instead of making it exclusively red, white & blue.

Arline usually hooks with #3s and #4s, but last month she attended a rug camp in California and started work on these portraits of her grandparents using a #8 cut of wool strips. It's amazing to me to see this kind of work - not something I'll ever attempt, but I sure can appreciate the talent in making it!

She told us about a dyeing technique she learned about and walked us though a dry demonstration. I guess it was originated by Wanda Kerr and it's called Hot Rock Dyeing - uses small pebbles in the dye pot between layers of wool - - -

- - - and this is the end result - nice mottled wool - more than one color can be used. I hope to give this a try someday myself - it's been ages and ages since I've done any dyeing!

Nancy lives right in the middle of Salt Lake City. Her living room has an entire wall of glass windows and doors and I was shocked when I noticed some movement out in the back yard and saw this deer nibbling on her trees! We've been meeting at her house for several years now and I've never seen one before, although she said they're regular visitors. She lives near a cemetery and he makes himself at home in all the surrounding neighborhoods. He was probably 10 feet away from me through the glass. Fun to see him up close and personal!


annie said...

great photos, but that last one! Wow!!

Janet O. said...

I love that patriotic rug--and that portrait--WOW!
Now that is "up close and personal" with a deer. : )

Saundra P said...

Always enjoy pictures of rugs, thanks. And oh my what a gorgeous buck; he almost looks like a statute but you can see the fuzz on his antlers. Beautfiful!


The Wool Cupboard said...

Love your rug group pictures, Gayle. The rugs are beautiful...I can't imagine attempting the shading, etc. in the portrait rug.

I want to try the hot rock dying!
Thanks for sharing!


Jacqueline said...

That portrait rug is amazing to say the least.

Do you add anything other than water and rocks to the wool in the pot to get that mottled look?

Me and My Stitches said...

Those rugs are wonderful - I love anything patriotic. The portrait rug is really amazing.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Gayle ~
Of course I love anything patriotic, but that portrait rug is simply amazing!!! Thanks for sharing.
Oh deer!
Hugs :)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Gayle ~
I've done a couple searches and can't find anything on hot rock dyeing. Can you 'splain it to us?

Beckyjean said...

Hi Gayle~

Love the patriotic rug your friend made. Wow is all I have to say about the garden visitor!!

Have a wonderful day~Becky

Karen said...

The portrait rug is amazing. I have never seen anything like that.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Those are some gorgeous rugs! I don't know that I have to patience for that, but I love the look of hooked rugs.

Great shot of the deer!

jody said...

hi gayle. im trying to get caught up and thought id check in with you. love the dyeing technique. i havent dyed yet but am prepared just need to do it. wow what a beautiful deer! soo fun to watch. i love the redo you did on the drawer piece. wont take long to fill the drawers! enjoy your evening ohhh and i love the shoes!