Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fabric Postcards

Awhile ago I shared pictures of the "Inchies" that I had made for a quilting friend - and I mentioned that they were similar to fabric postcards, so I thought I'd share some of the postcards that were made for me by the gals in my quilt group. Each month in 2007 we all made fabric postcards for the same person in the group, and then the next month we'd move on to another person, until everyone had a small collection. It was so much fun because they were personalized to reflect both the giver and the receiver and perhaps any experiences that they had shared together.

In this photo, Diane made some my postcard around Easter and she incorporated eggs made from silk ties because I had shared instructions on how to dye Easter eggs using the ties - she had a great time with her grandchildren doing that project. And Jackie made a stocking for me after I taught her how to do needlepunch - she went on to teach classes about it at the quilt store where she worked. Brandi knew I collected sheep, so she needle-felted this darling guy for me - she even remembered that I like them with black faces the best!

I also taught Patsy how to do needlepunch, and the log cabin 'quilt' includes a punched center. The one below in the upper right was made by Janet to commemorate our grand venture of being published in a quilt book and she titled it "Our 15 Minutes of FAME". What a fun experience that was for us!

A close-up so you can admire our lovely hairstyles and see the quilts we made.

They measure 4"x6" and can actually be sent through the mail with the proper amount of postage. They need to be hand cancelled too. It's especially fun to include photos that have been printed onto the fabric. In October I sent one to my Dad for his birthday and printed out a picture of me holding a sign that said "Happy Birthday Dad". He was so tickled to receive it! I sent one to my son for Thanksgiving and he liked his too.

Here is a picture of the rest of the Inchies that Janet received from the other gals at our meeting on Thursday night - quite a variety - she was very pleased with them all.


Nedra said...

I had to click on the picture of you in your 15 minutes of fame setting. Gayle with long hair and a perm. Oh, I remember those days. (My hair wasn't as long as yours, but it was permed!)
Loved the postcard idea for a quilt group. A great way to remember everyone and to have a momento.

Joanne said...

What cool postcards and how nice they all have a meaning to you! Very cool!

Mimi Sue said...

These really are cute. Love the personalized ones. You guys have too much fun. Mimi

Boggy Creek Stitches & Loops said...

Love the inchies ~ such a neat idea.