Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Home Tour

Tonia is a relatively new rug hooker in our group, and when I found out that she'd been an antique dealer in a former life, I asked if I could come see her home - knowing that it would have beautiful things in it. She graciously agreed to let me, and I totally enjoyed my visit. Her style is clean and totally uncluttered so each piece can be seen and appreciated individually. This great rooster weather vane greets you right inside the front door.

As well as this little chair with firkins behind it,

and this Tree of Life hooked rug (I don't think she made this one)

There was a large opening above her fireplace that was designed for a TV, but she didn't like that so covered it with these mirrored windows that she & her hubby made for dirt cheap. I love that the mirrors reflect light into the room to make it seem even more spacious.

And the fireplace is flanked by two Windsor chairs and matching bookcases. I noticed that she had removed all the dust jackets from her books and they were grouped by color - how clever is THAT?

She has a 'thing' for wooden boxes and trunks - just like I do - and this is her most recent treasure. She found this trunk at the local thrift store for $5 - can you believe that? It was painted a hideous color of orange and after she stripped it and stained it, she discovered it was a six-board chest with hand cut dove tailed joints! A real find! Look at the detail on the bottom - it's just lovely! And the braided wool rug under the trunk was given to her for FREE! It's really large - I've never seen one with squared of sides like it has.

Here are a few more of her trunks and boxes. (I think that's Sharon waving to us! LOL)

I collect vintage toy sewing machines so I especially like this display.

Great gathering of her pewter on the wall in the kitchen,

And more in the step back cupboard in the dining room, along with some redware plates.

Her bedrooms are so nice - love the pencil post bed with coverlet in the master.

And the canon ball bed in the guest room,

As well as this one with the beautiful bedding and just a splash of red.

Thanks for the tour Tonia!


Diane and Kelly said...

Really beautiful home. I wish I had more time to "foof" my house but I spend all my time at my shop.

Have a great Thanksgiving Love your blog.

Second Hand Chicks

whitey said...

I am a sucker for trunks love it love the idea with the mantel mirrors is there a tv behind it?

Kaaren said...

When can I move in? My tootbrush is packed cuz that's all I'd bring.

Gorgeous house done to perfection in my favorite style.

Lewaina@cliffsideranch said...

She has beautiful things that I'm pretty sure would be at home here in the Stone House! lol
Her once orange chest was a real find!
Thanks for the tour and thank Tonia for us!
Happy Thanksgiving Gayle!
Enjoy your day.

Charlotte said...

I love, love, LOVE the wall with the fireplace and the bookshelves. That's exactly what I want for my house!

Mimi Sue said...

You forgot to invite me to go a long. Love that pillow on the bed. Redwork? Mimi

Unknown said...

Love your friend's house, especially the fireplace.. great idea with the mirrors!

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

What a beautiful home! I just love it! Thanks for sharing it with us, and please thank Tonia too.
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Joanne said...

Oooh what a find in that chest - lvoe everything at your friend Tonia's home. Thanks for sharing!