Sunday, January 3, 2016

I'll Start With The Thread...

Last month I stopped at the thrift store and found a large bag of thread cones for only $5 - so I snatched it up quick. Most were still in their wrappers. Only problem is - now I'm not sure what it's designed for. Machine quilting? Machine piecing?

There isn't a label telling me what the fiber content is and I'm not familiar with the logo. Does anyone know anything about it?

I even tried scanning the bar code with my smart phone but came up with 'no results found'.

I started a new rug hooking project last week and I'm loving the way it's turning out. I just figured out what kind of border I want to put on it and got that drawn on the linen today. I've been pacing myself so that I won't finish it before going to my next couple of rug group meetings. It's a quilt pattern from Kim Diehl that I found in one of my books - I love that quilting and rug hooking are so compatible and interchangeable!

My two sweet daughters were SO good to me at Christmas - and gave me gifts that I absolutely LOVE! I've been seeing lots of coloring books for grown ups at the craft stores and online, but have never found one that really appeals to me. DD#1 found this one and it is so perfect - full of wonderful primitive folk art designs. Only problem is, I'm not sure I can bring myself to actually color them since several of them are perfect for rug hooking and quilt applique. So fun!

DD#2 found this table lamp with a clear glass base. I filled it with vintage wooden thread spools from my collection and it looks great sitting on a table made from a treadle machine base in my living room. I added one of my toy sewing machines, a small quilt, and other goodies for a display. Cute, huh?

Remember last month I made Christmas stockings for my son & his family? Well, for one of them I used a specialty ruler for cutting equilateral triangles and I had a lot of fun with it. So I decided to make myself a small quilt  using the same ruler. It's been pieced for quite awhile now and I finally got it quilted and bound yesterday afternoon. Pulled it out of the dryer just a few minutes ago and it's ready to use in my decorating. It measures about 18" x 34".

I used a variegated thread and did allover meandering - the type of machine quilting that I'm most comfortable with. I really need to branch out a bit and try something different one of these days. (sigh)

I had so much fun with the mug rug swap that my rug group did for Christmas, (see photos a couple posts back) that I made another one to coordinate with a mug I found at the thrift store. I'd like to give it away to one of my wonderful readers & friends. It's got a Valentine Day heart theme going on so it's perfect for this time of year. The rug measures about 5-1/2" square and in addition to using strips of wool fabric, I also used some wool yarn because I happened to have the right color (pink). Hope you like it! I'll take comments until Saturday, January 9th, and then draw the winning name from all the entries and pop it in the mail. Good luck! And thanks for making blogging such a fun experience for me each time I publish a post! I love sharing with you!
                                                      (GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED)


annie said...

I always love your posts.
Wish I could help but have not idea on the thread.
Love that cute quilt and the rug you're working on.
Cute little mug rug, count me in on the drawing.

That's very kind of you to have the giveaway.

Rebecca said...

I have just started teaching myself to rug hook, do you know a good how to book on hooking that I could purchase as I have no one here in my town that does this craft.
thank you, Rebecca

Lesley said...

What a great post with so many goodies to see and read about. Love your treadle base table with the special items on display. Great little quilt and a really neat colouring book!

Pauline G said...

It's RobisonAnton thread which I have used for machine embroidery and machine piercing BUt I don't recognise the yellow label on the top. It is a really good thread for machines but expensive over here in the UK. Try their web site and see if you can match the yellow label or the colour codes to their products. best of luck !

Saundra said...

You have been a workaholic! I think your lamp is perfect and has the perfect table. Wish I could help with the thread cones but can't.

Julia said...

As usual, you've been really busy. I love that little quilt and you have the perfect sewing setting for that table.

I googled the two letters R A on the thread cone and came up with the name of the company who manufacture the thread but didn't find the content of thread. The company is called Robinson Anton and have a number you could call and fine out. Maybe it's a discontinued line. They have an assortment of thread for machine embroidery etc.
Good luck with finding out.

Happy New Year.

Colleen said...

That thread is usually used for machine embroidery :o)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Great start to your rug and a great finish on your sweet little quilt.
Great give-away but don't enter me. I just recently won a give away so I'll let someone have my chance at winning.
Blog readers are the best, aren't they? So happy you got an answer to your thread question so quickly.
Happy New Year :)

audrey said...

What a fun lamp! Definitely a conversation starter! Love that little quilt with the equilateral triangles. I have a ruler like that, but never used it yet! Your rug hooking is always so fascinating! Looks very fun.:)

Kyle said...

Your post is full of wonderful projects and inspritstion. I can see where the coloring book would have some appropriate rug designs. Your newest design is lovely with delightful colors. The lamp full of spools and all your other goodies makes a charming display. You have a decorating nack Please don't include my name in your Valentine give away. You've blessed me already.

Janet O. said...

Love what you are doing with the Kim Diehl pattern!
Such a fun lamp, and you have made a really cute display with it. Which reminds me, you still haven't shared your home with your blog readers. Seriously, Gayle, everyone would love it. You do have a knack for decorating and displays. I wish I had taken photos when I was there!
Oh, my goodness, your little quilt just took my breath away! SOOO cute!!! Have to pin that one!
Fun giveaway! : )

Yvonne said...

First of all I want to wish you and your family a very Happy new year from the Netherlands Gayle. Love the lamp with the spools, great idea!
A give away is always exiting to enter so count me in! Who would not want such a cute mug rug!

Lori said...

So many bloggers are not blogging anymore. I love it as much as you do! I'd love to win the cute little mug and rug!!
Glad someone could help with the thread. Happy New Year!!

Sandi said...

I'm sure if you contacted Robison-Anton they would be quite happy to let you know the finer content of those spools. Congrats on your finds.

Love your spool lamp and your heart mug rug is too cute.

Linda said...

Love the lamp with thread the coloring book looks fun and I love the flower hooked rug Please enter me in your drawing for the mug mat Thank you
always am inspired by your blog and what you have finished linda m

Sue SA said...

Sorry no idea bout the thread. Love the triangle quilt, how big are the triangles and which specialty ruler did you use? I have had a 60 deg ruler in my collection for awhile but only started playing with it this week and really have limited ideas! Love the rug, thought I recognised the pattern as I was gifted a Kim Diehl book this week :)

Sarah said...

Well, it looks like a couple people found the answer for you about the thread. What a find! Your rug mug is very cute and I would love it. But your rug is gorgeous! I love Kim Diel's work. Thanks for blogging -- I read every post.

Yvonne said...

Hello Gayle, happy birthday, what a special way to start a new year!

Barb said...

Oh what a score on the threads, lucky you!! Love the rug as well...

Dawn said...

Lovely post. I see you found your thread answer.
I love the lamp and your quilt. Adore the rug hooking, but I have yet to finish one.
Keep on blogging!!
Like Kyle, no need to include my name in your drawing, enjoying your blog is a reward!
Happy 2016 - Stitch on!

Me and My Stitches said...

Your new rug is going to be just gorgeous - I love all KD patterns and how smart of you to take them from quilts to rugs. Great gifts from your daughters. I received a coloring book for Christmas from my SIL - such fun! Thanks for the chance to win a treasure made by your talented hands!

Karen said...

The crow rug hooking design is a good one. My kind of design.
Love the lamp with the spools of thread. I have a bunch of old spools of thread in a basket. I don't think I would have enough to fill a lamp but what a good idea.

Shanna said...

Gayle you are fabulous! Love your blog! How fun to share your cute projects and be such an inspiration! Cute, creative lamp idea, and I love that you are a bargain hunter! Me too! I am inspired by your creativity, keep it coming! :)

Nancy said...

Gayle, I could not have helped you with your thread other than to tell you how to know if it was a natural or synthetic fiber (but then, you probably already know that). What a great find for $5.00!

Your rug looks great. (But I think you won't use it as a rug, right?) Your coloring book looks like it has lots of great designs/patterns in it and your lamps is too fun. I think your daughters are attentive gift-givers.

Your triangle quilt is too fun. Your seams match so perfectly! Right now I hesitate to sew blocks where any more than four pieces of fabric meet.