Thursday, November 7, 2013

Project Updates & Hooking Stuff

In my last post I shared a glimpse of a quilt I was making. The top is now complete so I'll show you the whole thing and tell you how it came to be......

Months ago I joined hundreds of other quilters and started stitching Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street. I made nearly 70 of these sections - - - 

and then realized I had the colors wrong! What to do? (correct colors are below)

One day I was browsing through my quilt books and I noticed the quilt on the cover of Kim Diehl's most recent book. I realized it had the same block section as the one I had messed up.

So I did some more piecing and ended up with this. The center stars are scrappy reds & the churn dash parts are all scrappy green, but the background is only one gold fabric.

For the sashing I finally used a Moda paisley print that I've had for years - it helped me choose the colors for the entire quilt and I quite like it. After cutting the sashing and the binding strips, I had one small strip leftover so I barely had enough. Whew!

I had originally planned to set the blocks 4x4, but ended up doing a longer, skinnier version. Working with 12" blocks was a real different experience for me because I rarely make any that big, but it was worth it. Since this will be used as a couch quilt for watching TV, long and skinny will work just fine.

Another project I have been working on is a Christmas wall hanging. This is what it looks like right now.

I used this book for piecing all the alphabet letters and plan to add some applique somewhere before it's done.

I've used the book before to make this quilt that hangs in my studio- - -

- - - and this one that hangs in the bathroom downstairs.

Saturday at the Hook-In I was thrilled when my Row Rug won 3rd place in the People's Choice Awards! It was a fun, fun day! For more pictures from the hook-in, please go to the Guild's blog here.

On Tuesday Eileen showed me a small hexagon quilt that she made using the same pattern I've been working on. I think she said her hexies were 3/4". Mine are 3/8" and the size difference on the finished product is amazing. Her colors are so beautiful.....

Here's a picture of the rug that she's working on - a classic Emma Lou Lais design. We brainstormed some ideas for the border - she's so close to having it finished!

I have finished polka dotting all the burlap on the twelve table runners for the wedding reception next month. I was pretty impressed with myself because I only made one single mistake on placement! Here's a sneak peek. They're not as shinny as the fabric you can buy at JoAnn's but I think the price difference more than compensates for that.

I've got nothing on my schedule today except to stay home and sew, so that's what I plan on doing.


Nedra said...

Great recovery quilt, Gayle. Congratulations on your rug hooking win :)

Charlotte said...

What paint did you use for the table runners? I just bought some metallic gold by Martha Stewart to try on a project but I'm not sure how shiny it'll be.

Doniene said...

The burlap turned out great!!! I love being "frugal"!! Way to go!!!

What a save on the piecing!! I LOVE the new top!!! Great job!!

Congrats on your row by row!! It is beautiful!! Another wonderful job!!

Have a fun day stitching - I'm off to do the same!!


Lesley said...

Love your "new" churn dash quilt. It's great that you put your units to good work and have a beautiful couch quilt! Congrats on your row rug win...awesome! And your runners look you!

audrey said...

Congrats on your 3rd place! That is such a wonderful rug. Love how you figured out a solution for your 'oops' pieces and then got to use up a great fabric to make it all come together. Great job with it all--it's very special.:)

Sue SA said...

I think you turned some errors into a fantastic quilt, love this design and great Christmas colours. Perfect to go with your banner! Congratulations on your prize, nice to know people appreciate your work. Hope you have a great day sewing.

Janet O. said...

Gayle, that is such a nice "save" for those incorrect parts of Easy Street. I love what you have created! And how is your Easy Street coming along? I hope better than mine!
Great job on your rug--congrats on your ribbon!
I can't believe that little hexie project. It is gorgeous!!
That looks like you dotted a ton of burlap. I bet it is nice to have that done. When is the wedding?

Julia said...

Wow Gayle, you sure have been very busy girl, all that sewing and all your work is gorgeous. Your quilt top turned so nice even though it may have started wrong.

You burlap table runner looks lovely and much cheaper too.
I wonder if a second coat of paint would make it as bright as the one the store is selling. So much paint must absorb in the burlap as it dries.

Congratulations on having your rug being chosen for an award. That is very special.
Have a nice sewing weekend.

annie said...

I love all the projects you shared!
Great that you could still work out a fabulous quilt top even though you started with mistakes! no wonder you are so good with what you do, I love your photos!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Holy Cow have you been busy ~ so many beautiful quilts and such!!!
Congrats on your win ~ such a great feeling when someone appreciates it as much as you!!!
Hope you enjoyed your sewing time today ~ Happy Weekend!
Prim Blessings

Cheryl said...

Now that is a clever way to turn an error into something wonderful!

Me and My Stitches said...

Wow - you have been busy (as usual)! Congrats to you on winning a ribbon on your rug - it is so nice. Love your new quilt - what a great mistake!

Kyle said...

Wonderful save. Your row by row really deserved a prize. Looks like you've had a fantastic week. Congrats!

Lori said...

You are so creative! The quilt just sparkles!! Congrats on your ribbon. The rug is beautiful!

Yvonne said...

Congrats with your third place, it is nice to get appreciations for your work. Love the quilt you have made. It turend out great building your blocks around your little misstoke of sewing the wrong parts together. It could have easily happende to me too!