Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Rug, a Peacock & Some Quilts

I finished my punched rug this morning and got it all pressed - now I just have to finish the edges. I must say I'm not in love with it - the loops are terribly uneven and twisted - some are even folded. I'm glad I tried the Oxford punch needle though - it was a new experience for me  - now I'll go back to hooking and use my favorite Hartman hook for all future projects. This rug measures 15" x 19".

You need to pop over to my friend Tonia's blog (BaaRamEwe) and see the great hooked rug project she just made - an insert for a step stool that her hubby built. I haven't seen it in person yet - she leaves tomorrow to attend and be a vendor at the Denver Hook-In on Saturday and I'm sure she'll have some available for purchase there.

Last night my quilt group drove up the canyon to eat dinner together at a nice restaurant. They're famous for the peacocks that wander around the property - when we drove up, this guy was showing off his full splendor for us in the parking lot! The weather wasn't nice enough to eat on the patio, but the food was good as always - and we enjoyed visiting.

I saw a handful of wool quilts at the HMQS I attended in SLC last Thursday - thought I'd share them with you. I've never made a wool quilt - seems like it would be kinda bulky to work on although these were cotton with wool applique - I guess that wouldn't be so bad. 

And this was a vintage quilt in the show that was over 100 years old - looked brand new! I love the vertical rows and the colors and the design itself. All the seams were set in - very labor intensive - and if I remember right it was hand stitched. It looked very contemporary.


Unknown said...

That peacock is magnificent! I have never seen one up close.....I just started a block of the month wool/cotton quilt. It is an interesting blend to work with I free. Your rug looks great! I can't see any loops out of order! Lol! E

Unknown said...

I free? I meant I agree!

Three Sheep Studio said...

I have always wanted to try the Oxford Punch Needle.
I know some people just love using the various sizes and what all they can accomplish.
I just never found the time.
Your piece looks you can say you tried it. ;)

audrey said...

You just never really know until you try although it looks good to me! Love the vintage quilt. Very unique.

Janet O. said...

From the top view, your rug looks great--none of that unevenness or twisting, of which you complain, is visible!
There used to be peacocks here on the family farm. Aside from the pretty colors, they are noisy and messy and my BIL got tired of them. That is a gorgeous photo, though. They are beautiful, if you don't have to live with them 24/7. : )
I like the images you chose of HMQS. I had not focused as closely on the wool quilts--glad to see them through your eyes. I did have photos of the second one, I think.

Dawn said...

Love your punch project.
Thanks for showing the quilts - all very nice.
Have a great weekend!

Raymond Homestead said...

The peacock is beautiful and so are the quilts and your rug.

Lori said...

Such an adorable hooked project Gayle!!
I've made a wool and cotton quilt and love it. Cotton as the background makes it very user friendly:)

acorn hollow said...

the quilts are wonderful, your rug looks great. a day out with friends is always good.

Serendipity said...

Your rug is beautiful -- beautiful quilts too...I love the last one!

Serendipity said...

Your rug is beautiful -- beautiful quilts too...I love the last one!