Friday, November 9, 2012

Coming Right Along

I've spent several hours this morning working on my little quilt - I think it's called Orange Peel - or  maybe Robbing Peter to Pay Paul - and it's usually done with only two colors. But I always prefer scrappy quilts so that's how I'm making this one.  Traditionally, it is made block by block - and the curves are machine pieced into place. But I didn't want to mess with that since these blocks are only 4" square. So I sewed all my square blocks together, and now I'm using invisible machine applique to sew the wedges on top of the seam lines - SO much easier for me. Of course, it could be appliqued by hand too.

So here it is with most of the wedges sewn in one direction.......

......and here it is with most of the wedges sewn in the opposite direction.

My back is getting kinda tired from sitting at the machine for so long, so I'm calling it a day and will finish it up tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to meet with the Salt Lake rug group there was only one new project being worked on. Nancy is hooking this floral with a wonderful dark blue background. 

It's a pattern found in Pat Cross' book titled Purely Primitive - but Nancy tweaked it a little by super-sizing the flowers and the basket to make them have more of a presence - and she changed up the border a little bit. Here's a picture of the rug shown in the book so you can see how they're different.

We had a new gal with us yesterday - she was working on a small crow rug she bought as a kit - and she was doing a fine job. Turns out she's a rock star in the sock knitting community. She has written several books and travels all over the world teaching classes. If any of you are knitters you may have heard of Nancy Bush - author of Folk Socks. (have you Sharon?)  You can see her books here. I think it will be really interesting to watch her progress in rug hooking and see what kind of rugs she designs when she's comfortable with a new medium!

Winter has arrived here in Utah and it's been snowing at my house for most of the day - YAY!


annie said...

I love how you did this, so pretty, and the rug is wonderful! So great you have a new companion to join the group, I don't knit but even I have heard of her! So glad she has joined you!

Janet O. said...

I love your orange peel quilt, Gayle. Clever method. I have never tried invisible machine applique.
That is a great looking rug--I like the "tweaking" she did.

Dawn said...

Great Orange Peel - Love your approach. It is a fantastic project. Envy the rug hooking. I have the supplies and started a's languishing. Thanks for the inspiration.

Doniene said...

Love your quilt!! What a great way to assemble it!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Sylvia said...

The rug and the quilt are both great!
I was just looking at Purely Primitive by Pat Cross today. I bought her books when I was "really" first starting to rug hook. In fact, I don't even think I'd pulled a loop yet. She helped me via email with some questions I had so I bought all her books.

Sue SA said...

Wow that is a great idea for that pattern - which I have always loved but never thought I would do, because of all the hand work!
Love seeing some rug hooking. I have tried it here, but not done any for years...joined your blog for the inspiration/kick to get me started on it again. I fancy buying a kit, do you have a favorite on line store?

Three Sheep Studio said...

Your quilt is lovely !
I have always liked the look of the Orange Peel quilt.
Very clean and fresh.

Lori said...

Love the way you are doing your orange peel. So nice we can achieve the end result with so many methods.
We got snow too! It is so pretty!!

Karen said...

I like the way you are doing the Robbing Peter blocks.

libbyquilter said...

i've never seen this pattern put together like this before but it makes so much sense~!

it's looking like a pretty cute quilt too~!


Anonymous said...

im with you on all those curves i sew two circles together and a batting in between if you like turn right side out and sew them together and then sew down the curve pieces

jody said...

wow gayle i really like the quilt you are working on it resembles a cathedral window..i still need to get that out maybe next how the hooked rug was tweaked. i have that book and love that rug. enjoy your evening!!

Heidi Kuijer said...

I just love your method of making an orange peel quilt. I am addicted to making doll quilts and want to give your method a try if you do not mind? I am going to applique the 'peels' by hand though but I will first sew the squares on the machine. What a great way to use lots of pretty fabrics in one quilt.

Congratulations on a fabulous quilt!

Hugs from Holland ~