Thursday, October 6, 2011

A New Quilt and a New Quilting Friend

Dawn Heese - of Linen Closet Quilts - posted a free quilt pattern called Folk Art Tribute on her blog awhile ago. I  made all the blocks as she shared them month by month.  I've finally gotten them all sewn together and now I need to get a border on it to finish it - then the quilting. I did all the applique using an invisible machine applique technique that I learned in a Kim Diehl class a few years ago. (BTW - I just visited Kim's website and learned that she has cancelled all her classes because of health issues - so sad!)

My good friend Clydene became friends with a quilter who lives in Holland named Yvonne. Yvonne and her husband  Alex were here in Utah for an extended stay recently and the two of them made plans to meet face-to-face for the first time. I was really pleased when Clydene invited me to tag along with her for the meeting - we spent about an hour having lunch all together in Park City and it was so much fun. Yvonne has been blogging all about her vacation so her quilting friends back home could see what she's been doing. It's been fun to read her blog posts and see Utah through the eyes of a visitor from out of the country. Here's a picture of the three of us that Yvonne's hubby snapped just before we parted ways. You can read Yvonne's blog here.

She loves the mountains of Utah because in Holland everything is very flat - much of it built below sea level so there are dikes built to hold back the waters. Holland is also very small - she said they could fit three of their country inside of Utah's borders. It makes me appreciate the natural beauty of my everyday surroundings more when I realize that other people don't have that! It was really nice meeting her.


Sue said...

This is so nice. I didn't download these blocks for this quilt but am doing her new downloads. I haven't seen this month's yet, but need to check her blog to see if it's up.

When I had a Facebook account, I used to follow Kim Diehl on there as I just love her! This is very sad about her health. I hope all will be okay soon for her. She's a sweetie with a great sense of humor!

Janet O. said...

Your quilt top looks really good, Gayle.
What a fun experience to meet this quilter from Holland.

Barb said...

Love the quilt....Utah is so beautiful...isn't it nice to meet new people!

Karen said...

I have the Folk Art Tribute block patterns saved but have not made even one of them. I admire that you have done your work.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Beautiful new quilt Gayle...and how fun to meet a new friend. It always makes me pause - and be grateful - to see through the eyes of a stranger....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Lori said...

Love the quilt top! I watched the blocks be posted every month and I knew it would be lovely!!

It looks like such a fun outing. It is always fun to meet other bloggers.

Nedra said...

I was sad to read Kim is having health issues. Thanks for letting us know. Such a talented lady.
Love the quilt you are working on.